TNC Predator Debuts DPC 2021 With a Disastrous Loss


TNC Predator Debuts DPC 2021 With a Disastrous Loss

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • TNC Predator lose their debut match 0-2 in Upper Division of SEA-DPC 2021 S1 against Execration.
  • Execration showed some speculator Dota 2 gameplay as they outplayed TNC in both the games.
  • TNC will play their next series in the Upper Division against Vice Esports on January 27.

The SEA-DPC Regional League has witnessed its first major upset as underdogs Execration has registered a massive victory over TNC Predator. Getting outdrafted and outplayed, TNC who is widely considered as one of the favorites to win SEA-DPC 2021 has lost its debut match in the competition 2-0 to some sumptuous Dota 2 gameplay by Execration.

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TNC loses its debut match at SEA-DPC 2021 S1 to Execration

Upper Division action at SEA-DPC 2021 S1 resumed today with TNC Predator taking on Execration in the first series while Neon Esports is currently playing 496 Gaming in the second one.

In the first series between TNC and Execration, we witnessed a big upset by the hands of Execration as they convincingly defeated TNC 2-0.

In Game 1, TNC put Armel on a mid-Slark against the enemy Batrider while putting Gabbi in the safe lane on Puck. Execration, on the other hand, pulled out a clutch last pick Medusa which worked amazingly for them. They played some crisp Dota as a team, constantly looking for pickoffs while allowing Medusa to farm in all the same spots. TNC’s cores got the desired farm but when it came to crucial teamfights, their heroes lacked damage. Having no answers to Execration’s teamfight potential, TNC tapped out of the game in 39 minutes. 

Game 2 witnessed Execration pick Medusa in the first phase this time while TNC aimed to counter her with Gabbi’s Phantom Lancer. The game got off to a slow start as both teams resorted to farming on their cores. However, as soon as teamfights started to happen, Execration got the better of their opponents as they showed immaculate teamwork and coordination. The game fell off TNC’s hands very rapidly as their heroes could not deliver the desired impact, losing the game in 39 minutes. 

In what can be attributed as a significant upset by Execration, they have shown what they are capable of. Right from their drafting to their gameplay, they were spot on and outplayed a much higher skilled and experienced squad. They will want to keep performing in a similar fashion in their upcoming series way to finish in the top 3 that secures them spot in the first Major.

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TNC, on the other hand, as mentioned by the English panelists of the SEA-DPC 2021, had bad drafts in both the games and their gameplay was also lackluster. However, it is still early days into the competition and one can expect the Major champions to bounce back in their next series which takes place against Vice Esports on January 27. 

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