Sammyboy Lists the Issues With Arkosh Gaming


Sammyboy Lists the Issues With Arkosh Gaming

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • 4 Zoomers carry player, Sammyboy, has listed down the issues and solutions to the Arkosh Gaming anonymity problem.
  • Sammyboy has also stated that Arkosh Gaming should apologize to the teams in the open qualifiers because they had reportedly used a substitute without informing their opponents.
  • Beyond the Summit's co-founder, GoDz, had tweeted recently that the real identities of Arkosh Gaming as well as the usage of a stand-in will be revealed to their competitors in NA-DPC 2021.

The Arkosh Gaming anonymity issue has been subject to much criticism, with NA Dota 2 pros highlighting the undue advantage that the secrecy provides its players. After yet another thread was made, complaining about the team, 4 Zoomers carry player, Samuel "Sammyboy" Anderson, wrote down the issues and the solutions to this problem.

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Sammyboy talks about the issues with Arkosh Gaming’s anonymity

Sammyboy mentioned the major issues that are linked to the secrecy of the team. 

According to the NA carry, the team had an unfair competitive advantage since their opponents could not determine what heroes to pick/ban against them. Their opponents would not know about the heroes that Arkosh Gaming’s players might have used in past competitive games.

“When I am playing vs Arkosh I can not find the competitive history of Team Arkoshs players. This becomes an issue because ana could theoretically join Arkosh and nobody would know. It basically deletes the competitive history of the player. Imagine how many times Lukiluki would get to play Pangolier on Arkosh Gaming. If that’s not a competitive advantage what is. People argue that all pros smurf but this simply isn’t true. All competitive matches are logged publicly. Even if I changed my name people would still be able to go back and find Sammyboys or Noblewingz (see I already tried it) competitive match history.”

He further mentioned that if Arkosh Gaming changed players in the coming time without publicly revealing it, their opponents would be at a disadvantage. The opponents would ideally prepare according to the team’s past competitive history, which is useless if the players are changed. 

“It basically deletes the history of the team. In 1 year from now Arkosh could swap players and if they used the same account that means that all the competitive Arkosh data from the past year is invalidated. Imagine Arkosh changes 5 players and I go to prepare vs them. I will use the data from the past year of Arkosh yet I am playing vs 5 different players.”

He felt that Arkosh attracted favoritism from Valve because it is the only team who is not required to enter its players’ full details on the Majors Registration page.

“They play under different rules. Every other team needs their full name on DPC websites while Arkosh does not. The team existing in itself is likely some favoritism from Valve. I'm sure many more issues could arise as well due to the nature of the team.”

Sammyboy mentioned that instances of unjust advantage to Arkosh Gaming had already occurred in the past. The team had played with the same roster in the open qualifier 1-2 of the NA-DPC 2021 S1, but in the open qualifier 3, they swapped a player without changing the account. This he felt was “unfair” and required an apology from Arkosh to their competitors in the open qualifiers who were not informed about this player change. 

Sammyboy lists down the solutions by BTS and SirActionSlacks to the Arkosh Gaming anonymity issue

Some of these issues have already been solved by Beyond the Summit (the operator of NA-DPC) and SirActionSlacks. Sammyboy mentioned these solutions as well in his statement.

Players Names to be revealed to competitors

”All teams competing against Arkosh will be informed of the roster and who the players on the roster were before becoming members of Arkosh.”

This was revealed by GoDz in a Twitter post recently. He also mentioned that if the team used a stand-in, their opponents would be apprised of this information. 

Tie accounts to players

“Arkosh player names will be tied to the account holder. Meaning if the player who uses the GOAT account leaves the team then GOAT will also leave the team and Arkosh will have a new name for their new player. This is important so that the history of Arkoshes matches can be legitimate.”

As per this solution, if Arkosh Gaming recruited a new player or used a stand-in, that particular player will be using his own alias and account. 

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As mentioned by Sammyboy that the aforementioned solutions will be applied moving forward. It will be interesting to see if anyone from Arkosh Gaming issues an apology for the unfair instances in the open qualifiers. 

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