Dota 2 Might Be Getting a CS:GO Themed Custom Event in March

Dota 2 Might Be Getting a CS:GO Themed Custom Event in March

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  • Evidence of a new event named as Spring 2021 has been found in Dota 2 files. This event will potentially be a custom game mode. The other custom games released in the past are Diretide 2020 and the Aghanim's Labyrinth.
  • Information about this new game mode reveals that it will be similar to CS:GO, involving bombs, ammos and guns.
  • The Winter 2020 season is set to end on March 1, 2021 as per Dota Plus so this spring event might be revealed in March.

A new custom event in Dota 2 featuring Bombs, Ammos, and Guns might be making its way into Dota 2 in Spring 2021. The event can be expected to be in a similar vein as the Diretide 2020 event which proved to be a massive hit amongst hardcore and casual Dota 2 fans alike.

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A new Spring Event might be releasing soon

Information about a new event mode tentatively named “Spring2021” has been found in Dota 2 game files which were added to the game earlier this week. 

Dota 2 Might Be Getting a CS:GO Themed Custom Event in March

According to the information we have with us, it is likely that Valve has already started working on a new event for Spring of 2021. However, there was a substantial lack of any information regarding the details of this event. A Redditor, u/UnnamedUser- found some key information about the game mode, suggesting that it could be a game mode featuring guns, ammo, bombs, and more elements of a shooter game.

In the thread created by him, he mentioned that this new game mode could be similar to the popular FPS game, CS:GO. Files were discovered by him which talked about CS:GO related actions like 'bomb planted', 'bomb defused', as well as some information about ammo.

Dota 2 Might Be Getting a CS:GO Themed Custom Event in March
Dota 2 Might Be Getting a CS:GO Themed Custom Event in March
Image via UnnamedUser-

A similar custom game named Polystrike was released in April 2020 by a Dota 2 fan. It was an exact replica of Counter-Strike in an isometric (top-down) view. It contained all the elements of CS:GO like bomb-planting, defusing, etc. 

When can we see this mode in Dota 2?

Although nothing has been confirmed by Valve, it is reasonable to expect the game mode to release in Spring 2021. According to Dota Plus, the Winter 2020 Season will come to an end on March 1st, suggesting the beginning of the Spring season for Dota 2. 

So players can expect this event to be released in early March 2021 or late-February 2021.

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Valve usually adds a custom game titled “New Bloom” around this time of the year to celebrate the Chinese New Year. In 2020, the New Bloom 2020 event was introduced to the game for 20 days around this time of the year. It was not a custom game mode but was more like a miniature Battle Pass that involved perks and rewards that players could reap by winning regular matches.

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