KuroKy Reveals Some of the Problems With the DPC System


KuroKy Reveals Some of the Problems With the DPC System

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Captain of Team Nigma, KuroKy, expresses his displeasure with the format of the new DPC system.
  • He did not like the one game in one week for a team system, mentioning that such a format did not allow space for third party tournaments for six-seven weeks.
  • He also mentioned that his team was going to bootcamp for this DPC season.

The new DPC system has attracted a lot of negative opinions with Dota 2 pros, talent and the community highlighting the possible loopholes in the same. Team Nigma’s captain, Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Takhasomi, during a post-match winners interview after their win over Alliance yesterday, has now expressed his dissatisfaction with the new DPC format. 

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KuroKy is not a big fan of the new DPC system

After an intense series win over Alliance yesterday in the Upper Division of the EU-DPC Regional League, captain KuroKy came on call for a post-match winners interview. 

Host Sheever asked KuroKy his opinion on the new DPC system, stating that she knew a couple of teams who did not like the number of matches a team plays over a certain amount of time to which he responded,

“I personally am not the biggest fan of the system myself,” said Kuroky. “There are some obvious problems with it - one being that there is no chance for third-party organizers to do anything, so we are stuck on the six-seven week schedule right now but yeah I think nobody’s too satisfied with the current system. There are ups and downs to it.”

He further mentioned that the best part about this DPC was that it provided a good schedule for the fans to watch the matches but he still felt it could have been planned in other ways.

“The best part I guess is for the fans that they have a good schedule. I feel like we could have done this in other ways anyway but yeah six weeks and just one game a week. It’s alright, not my favorite, I don’t think anyone’s favorite but we’ll take it I guess. No choice anyway.”

The TI7 champion mentioned that his team was going to bootcamp from today while also reflecting on how this new DPC schedule and format which only has group stages and no playoffs would impact the team’s preparation for games. 

“We are taking it very seriously (no playoffs and direct entry to Major playoffs if a team tops the group stage in the ongoing Regional League). In terms of preparation, we are planning to bootcamp. We are going to start going tomorrow and pretty much just try to improve as much as possible. It’s kind of a new thing in Dota that I have a one week time on average to prepare for my next opponent because usually in tournaments you have very little time, maybe a day if you are lucky. Sometimes it is just some hours. I am wondering how the quality of the games will be affected due to that. Yeah, I am just going to go with the flow, go to bootcamp. prepare as a team and try out best.”

Standings of EU-DPC 2021.
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KuroKy’s Nigma has gotten off to a great start to their 2021 DPC S1 campaign by defeating Alliance 2-1. With a group that has one of the best players in Dota 2, one can expect them to continue delivering some strong performances despite the afore-mentioned variation to this 2021 DPC format by their captain. 

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