Kyle on Roster Lock: “Players are Holding Their Team Hostage”

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  • Dota 2 commentator and analyst, Kyle, on the EU-DPC 2021 stream mentioned that the DPC's rule of roster lock is a very bad move and it will attract drama on Reddit in the coming time.
  • According to him, cases are already present in the pro scene where players are keeping their teams hostage because a team is not allowed to make changes to their roster after the qualifiers.
  • Later on the stream, Kyle along with fellow commentator and analyst, ODPixel, were seen getting a hair cut whilst analyzing the draft of the series between Liquid and

On the EU-DPC 2021 DreamLeague livestream on January 2020, Dota 2 commentator and analyst Kyle "Kyle" Freedman reflected on his views on the DPC’s roster lock rules. According to him, some players are holding their teams “hostage” because a team is not allowed to make changes to their roster after qualifying to the main Regional League.

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Kyle talks about the imbalance in players' power during roster lock

Apart from the entertaining content that Kyle manages to put up, he has also been a man of controversies. In DreamLeague’s livestream from earlier today, Kyle was asked what he felt was not ideal in this new DPC format, to which he responded,

“No roster swaps is a very bad move. I am already aware and l guarantee that there will be roster drama that creates some sort of Reddit controversy because there are already cases where players are holding their team hostage because if they leave or they refuse to play, a team is disqualified. You can not make roster changes. That is absurd. It’s locked for two and a half months. You find out you have three days to make a team and then you are supposed to stick together for three months. I just think that that is wild.”

Kyle’s statement is quite contentious since he has mentioned that instances of players exploiting this roster lock format already prevail in the scene. 

Two CIS managers recently revealed that the DPC rules only allow a team to play up to four matches in the DPC League without their full roster. They also stated that a team needed to play with the same 5-man roster in both the qualifiers and the Regional Leagues.

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Kyle and ODPixel get a haircut while analyzing EU-DPC match between Liquid and

In a very humorous visual, Dota 2 commentators and analysts, Kyle "Kyle" Freedman and Owen "ODPixel" Davies were seen getting a haircut on the EU-DPC 2021 DreamLeague livestream. This happened while they were analyzing the draft of the series between Team Liquid and that concluded just minutes ago.

Kyle got his hair cut before the first match of the series. 

After the first match ended, it was time for the other commentator to sit on the barber’s chair and get his hair short. ODPixel then analysed the draft of the second match alongside Kyle and Purge while he was getting a haircut. 

Kyle on Roster Lock: “Players are Holding Their Team Hostage”
Screengrab Via DreamLeague TwitchThe series ended in Liquid’s favor as they thrashed 2-0, ending both the games in just 54 minutes.

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