All You Need to Know About the Bulba, Lukiluki, and BSJ Drama


All You Need to Know About the Bulba, Lukiluki, and BSJ Drama

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • NA Dota 2 personailities, BSJ, lukiluki and BuLba, get involved in a drama on social media.
  • In a pub game where all of these three players played in the same team, lukiluki condemned BuLba for mocking BSJ's Youtube content. However, both BSJ and lukiluki cleared the air later through Twitter and Reddit.
  • BSJ is currently a part of the broadcast team for EU and CIS Regional League. lukiluki is competing in NA Lower Division with his new stack, Team DogChamp. BuLba is coaching EG who are a part of the NA Upper Division.

Popular NA Dota 2 personalities, Lucas "lukiluki” Shanks, Kanishka 'Sam' "BuLba" Sosale, and Brian "BSJ" Canavan were recently involved in a drama on Reddit. A clip from BSJ’s video that was posted on his Youtube channel emerged in which lukiluki was seen criticizing BuLba for mocking BSJ’s Dota 2 content that he frequently posts on YouTube. 

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Lukiluki, BuLba, and BSJ involved in a drama on social media

The issue took place in a pub match that involved BSJ, BuLba and lukiluki on the same team. After BSJ last picked an Omniknight carry, BuLba wrote in the chat, “Dude why are you throwing?” 

However, their team went on to stomp the match and as BSJ was hunting down heroes in the enemy base, BuLba spoke, 

“Is this game going to your YouTube channel and say Oh my god, the next big carry in patch 7.28b Omniknight. Watch the Omniknight’s great moments. Watch my movements.” 

As soon as the EG coach finished his line, lukiluki immediately called him out saying,

“BuLba why do you have to so negative through Dota content creation? You are the reason Dota has not evolved like other games like League of Legends and every other game. You have nobody create content in the scene.”

BSJ did not speak anything in particular as he focused on killing enemy heroes in their base. 

After the match ended, a Reddit thread titled “ Someone's gotta complain, the coach of EG is a whining man child almost every game I see him in on someone else stream.” A number of users then started to flame BuLba saying that he has a habit of being toxic in pubs but gets excused every time for just joking. 

Lukiluki’s response

Lukiluki responded to this thread saying that not enough people in the scene are willing to do content creation. He stated that their conversation in the game was only to poke fun at each other. He wanted to draw the attraction of the people to the greater problem that existed which was the lack of content creation in Dota 2 and not BuLba being toxic. 

“I really do think there's a stigma behind dota content creation and while im doubtful future orgs will see value in making youtube videos when compared to prize money/status, it's definitely something that needs to change. I can't speak to bulba's dota history directly but he was just poking fun at BSJ's clickbaity titles and I saw an opportunity to poke at bulba too. I just don't want to paint bulba as the bad guy that is sacrificed so we can all think there's not a greater problem in our dying game. He messaged me after the game and told me he actually liked my youtube videos so yeah. Anyways ggs mars definitely carried this game but the bsj omni was inspirational.”

BSJ clarified the drama surrounding BuLba’s toxicity through a Tweet earlier today.

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NA Dota 2 pro Sammyboy and Team Liquid coach Blitz's comments

Other Dota 2 pros also commented on the issue, signifying that such conversations between the players are done only for banter and fun and that there are no sorts of enmity involved. 

4 Zoomers' carry player, Sammyboy, asked the Reddit community to take the matter as a joke.

Team Liquid's coach, Blitz, also pointed out the irony behind /r/dota2's comments.

All these three players are a part of the 2021 DPC season in their own ways. While BSJ is a part of the broadcast talent of the EU and CIS Regional Leagues, lukiluki is competing in the NA Lower Division with his new stack, Team DogChamp. BuLba will continue to coach EG who are competing in the NA Upper Division. 

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