N0tail Has Bought a 17-Bedroom Mansion in Europe


N0tail Has Bought a 17-Bedroom Mansion in Europe

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • According to a documentary by BBC, N0tail owns a 17-bedroom mansion in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • He has already spent more than a Million dollars on the mansion and plans to spend more upto $1.8 million in total.
  • The two-time TI champion plans to take up the coaching role after he retires. As a player, he feels he still has plenty of years left.

The richest esports player in the world, Johan "N0tail" Sundstein, has just revealed that he spent a major portion of his enormous prize pool winning in Dota 2 by buying a 17-bedroom mansion in Lisbon, Portugal according to a short documentary of the two-time TI winner filmed by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

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N0tail Owns A 17-Bedroom House In Lisbon

N0tail revealed in the documentary with the BBC the amount of money he had spent in his new 17-bedroom mansion.

“I’ve spent €400k ($484,928 USD) so far renovating and buying stuff like furniture and material. I’m spending one and a half [Million on the actual property]...I’m also giving myself another €300k ($363,696) to work with, so up to €1.8m.”

N0tail is the wealthiest esports player in the world, at least according to prize winnings. The OG captain has won more than $7.4 Million in prize money. The major chunk of this money has come in through wins at The International 8 (TI8) and The International 9 (TI9) where his team amassed total prize money of $27 Million. N0tail has also won four Major titles where OG won more than $4 Million.

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The interview also revealed that N0tail shifted to Lisbon from Denmark for the warm weather. OG’s Bootcamp during the EPIC League in November-December 2020 was also at N0tail’s mansion.

The Dane also talked about how he had grown up as a video game enthusiast. 

“I had my first Gameboy when I was still doing potty training. I was playing a lot when I was 13,14. I was getting home from school and basically playing till might. Up to 12 hours, sometimes more. During weekends it was more. I’d be playing 20 hours if I could. 

My mother was worried about my health and a bit about my future. I struggled with school from 15 to 17 or late 16, and I just quit after that. I never looked back.”

OG’s captain also revealed how offline tournaments had a different level of intensity and pressure and how he dealt mentally with competitive gaming. 

“When you go to a big stage and there’s a crowd, it’s a lot easier to feel that this game really matters and there’s a lot of eyes on this game. The blood starts going and the adrenaline is there. There’s a huge dark side to this and it’s the mental strain that it can take. There’s also the group aspect to it that amplifies it and can make you feel terrible. I get negative myself, I get very sad and sadness is my number one enemy and it keeps saying hi to me. But in the same way, when my team is doing good, I feed off it and I get very happy and it just goes the other way to the other extreme.

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It was also mentioned in the interview that N0tail planned to stay in gaming by coaching teams once he retired as a player. On being asked how long he was going to keep playing, he stated,

“I think I’ve got plenty of years left. I used to be young and now I am the old one. I don’t feel old yet. It really still feels like I am 20 and we are just getting started. I may not be the best player in mechanical skill but damn, I know how to make this work."

N0tail along with OG is set to embark on a new journey that will be aimed at conquering their third TI win later this year. They will face their first Regional League match in the EU region against Chicken Fighters on January 23. 

Source: BBC

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