Dendi Talks About COVID-19 and its Effects on His Health

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  • Dendi talked about how the virus had impacted his health negatively as he felt weak and drowsy.
  • He also mentioned the potential reasons for their B8 Esports' loss in the Decider Tournament of CIS-DPC 2021.
  • B8 Esports after failing to qualify to the Upper Division, will now play in the Lower Division of first Regional League.

One of the most popular Dota 2 players, Danil "Dendi" Ishutin, unfortunately, tested positive for the COVID-19 virus on January 8. After his team, B8 Esports failed to make it to the Upper Division in CIS-DPC 2021, Dendi reflected on how COVID-19 had disrupted his health and also listed the reasons behind being unable to make it to the Upper Division.

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Dendi Talks About B8’s Loss At CIS-DPC Qualifiers And Effects On Health Due To COVID-19

Recently, Dendi made a Telegram post where he talked about how COVID-19 had been a mess in his life. He stated that he felt weak, had reduced vision and felt very drowsy. He also asked for any advice that would help him improve his health.

"I didn't even realize how insidious this nasty thing is. 

What does it do? 

1: severe weakness.

2: severely decreased vision (even though I've always had 100%)

3: very foggy head with constant drowsiness. Feeling as if I have not slept for 24 hours constantly does not leave the last 5 days. And it is very difficult to think in such a state, let alone to concentrate. It is very difficult to concentrate, let alone think.

If I can do something with the first two points, I do not know what to do with the third one. 

Any advice is welcome.”

Dendi Talks About COVID-19 and its Effects on His Health
Image Via EpicenterThe Ukrainian also talked about his defeat at the Decider Tournament in another Telegram post. He mentioned the likely reasons for the losses in this post whilst also congratulating the teams that qualified to the Upper Division. He felt that though his team made some mistakes, they also learned from these losses.

“Hey everybody, too bad we couldn't take two chances to break into the first division.

Everyone was on equal footing with the new patch and preparation for about 5 days.  As is usually the case, someone gets better at the meta and someone is more suited to the hero pools. Either the wrong conclusions are being drawn from the patch. Everyone will catch up in time. 

About our games:

Our drafts aren't quite sure yet and some of our opponent's ideas have been stronger. It's a normal process of team building and further -> more.

The atmosphere on the team is good. A very unusual experience for me personally, but I like how the training process goes. It only remains to convert it into a result! 

With the virus, of course, to play is such a self, when the head does not want to work at all, but even with it, these games could be taken away. We made some mistakes, but we also learned. See you in the second division!

I want to commend Extreme and NoTechies for a good game. Cool drafts from Solo and good preparation from Extremum. Melojul (Maxim Pnyov) stood very well in the midfield - handsome too.

Very happy for Sergey Bragin (God). Well done!”

The saddening event of Dendi getting diagnosed with the miserable virus happened at a time when his team, B8 Esports, was fighting for a spot in the Upper Division in CIS-DPC 2021.

In their first series against Gambit Esports, Dendi despite being down with the virus played some impeccable Dota and helped his team come back from a big Megacreeps deficit. 

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They went on to win the series and were just one step away from moving to the Upper Division. However, the revamped squad of B8 could not deliver the desired performances in the next couple of series as they lost both of them and got relegated to the Lower Division. 

Dendi’s B8 Esports will now be playing in the Lower Division of the CIS-DPC 2021 Regional League that is set to begin on January 18. Dendi, as well as his fans, will be hoping for a quick recovery so that he can give his best in the Lower Division. 

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