PGL Criticized For No Official Coverage For Qualifiers Of DPC-SEA 2021


PGL Criticized For No Official Coverage For Qualifiers Of DPC-SEA 2021

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Dota 2 fans criticize PGL for not having any official broadcast for the qualifiers of DPC-SEA 2021.
  • The community was also disappointed with PGL's rule that asked the community casters to have a 15-minute delay. This was changed to 5-minute later.
  • Operators in the regions of EU and CIS have not yet revealed if they will have an official coverage of the qualifier games.

Valve’s official DPC partner for the SEA region, PGL, has come under scrutiny for not having any official coverage for the open and closed qualifiers that kickstarted earlier today. Also, the fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the 15-minute delay that has been imposed on community broadcasters. 

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Dota 2 Fans Unhappy With PGL’s Lack Of Official Coverage For DPC-SEA 2021 Qualifiers

SEA is the first region that has witnessed both its open and closed qualifiers begin but this inception has been met with criticism. Dota 2 fans expected PGL, which is the operator behind the DPC season in SEA, to have an official broadcast of the qualifiers but they opted not to have one. 

PGL has allowed the community casters to stream the matches on their channel but the rules for the same attracted a lot of flak. PGL’s directive to community streamers to have a 15-minute delay on their channel was not welcomed by the fans. 

Many in the Dota 2 community feel that the community streaming guidelines should not be present if no official broadcast is available for particular games. According to them, the delay is used to prevent the streams from overlapping with the official one but if there is no official stream, there is no point having the delay.

Fans spammed PGL’s tweet that mentioned these rules with “5 min delay” replies which have now seemingly forced the operator to decrease the 15-minute delay to 5 minutes. 

Where to Watch The Closed Qualifiers of the SEA DPC League

Despite the delay issue being rectified, the fans will still have to scout for various streamers that are casting these games in various different languages. Some of the more popular ones are:

LanguageChannel NameStream Link






Bahasa IndonesiaWxC Indonesia
Bahasa IndonesiaLigagame Esports TV

It really is unacceptable to see the official DPC regional league have no official broadcast. The fact that community streamers are also unable to fulfill this void due to the streaming guidelines issued by PGL, is even worse. 

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It will be interesting to see how other regional league operators like ESL and DreamHack in the CIS and European region respectively handle the closed qualifiers. 

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