Potential New Hero? Fenrir Discovered in Dota 2 Files

Potential New Hero? Fenrir Discovered in Dota 2 Files

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • The voice lines of Hoodwink and some other heroes indicate towards a new hero named as Fenrir.
  • The new in-game item introduced by Valve, Gleipnir, is mentioned in Hoodwink's Voice lines. Gleipnir in Norse Mythology is a chain that holds together a mighty wolf that is Fenrir.
  • Since Norse mythology is related to Sweden where TI10 is scheduled to take place, Valve might be releasing Fenrir at TI10.

Although the new Dota 2 hero, Hoodwink was just released by Valve earlier this month, players have already started speculating and finding hints about a possible new hero using the voice lines of Hoodwink and a few other heroes. If the resident Dota 2 detectives are right, the new hero might just be the wolf from Norse mythology: Fenrir.

Image of Fenrir Via Marvel Studios 

All You Need To Know About The Potential New Hero-Fenrir

The first hints about the new hero come from when Hoodwink purchases the new item recently introduced to the game, Gleipnir. 

"Wait! If the Gleipnir is here, then he is?! I gotta go."

"You really should have left this thing where it was. For all our sakes"

In Norse mythology, Gleipnir is a binding, a type of chains, that holds the mighty wolf-Fenrir. In Gleipnir’s lore in Dota as well, it talks about “leashing an ancient evil.”

Description of the Gleipnir Item reads: “Bindings forged by impossible means to leash an ancient evil.”So, two new introductions to the Dota 2 world, Hoodwink, and Gleipnir may further be pointing towards a new hero of Fenrir.

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To add more evidence to this speculation, a Redditor, u/lessenizer has also found out voice lines of heroes like Mars, Snapfire, and Zeus that talk about a “dog/beast.”


"Got no use for a varmint what can't be trained!"

"I suppose you and Mortimer can play together."


"Do you understand language, beastie?"

"You can chew on whatever I leave in my wake!"


"Time to put you down."

"A beast without reason gets slaughtered without cause."

"Down, boy."

"Are those noises intelligible?"

Earlier, there have been data mines in 2020 which have hinted at various heroes like Valkyrie, Puppet Master, and a “primal_beast” hero. This primal beast hero had a set of abilities in this data mine, which further implies that Fenrir could be a new wolf hero. 

According to a Datamine posted in August 2020, a hero tentatively titled 'primal beast' was spotted in the game's file, with these abilities.














Perhaps this primal beast could be Fenrir.

Possibility of a release at TI10

Valve has confirmed that TI10 is scheduled to take place in Stockholm, Sweden. Since Norse mythology originates from the Scandinavian region(Sweden, Denmark, and Norway), Valve might be planning to reveal Fenrir and another speculated hero, Valkyrie at TI10. 

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Valve had communicated in the Fall season update in October 2020 that they were planning for a hero release in the first quarter of 2021. They had stated that heroes and other updates would be spread out uniformly over a year rather than releasing most of them around The International. So, there is a high chance that Fenrir could also be announced in the initial months of 2021.

Note: The images of Valkyrie used in this article are for descriptive purposes only and were not found in the Dota 2 files.

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