Hades Dev Shares How Dota 2 Influenced Their Game


Hades Dev Shares How Dota 2 Influenced Their Game

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Developer of Game Of The Year, Hades, Greg Kasavin, talks about how Dota 2 influenced their game.
  • He stated that Dota 2 was a big reference point for incorporating abilities for characters in Hades and an example of it was a character in Hades that had an effect similar to that of Axe's Culling Blade.
  • He also mentioned that the games were similar in regards to the options they provided like item choices and a Boon system in Hades.

Writer and Designer of Supergiant Games, Greg Kasavin, in an interview with Inside Gaming on YouTube talked about how Dota 2 influenced the gameplay and design of their game, Hades. He mentioned that various abilities and the occurrences that happen in both Hades and Dota 2 are quite similar while also comparing a Hades’ ability to that of Axe’s Culling Blade.

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Hades Dev Talks About The Similarity Between Dota 2 and Hades

Hades is a popular action RPG that has been critically acclaimed by many media houses and publications. The game was awarded the Game Of The Year title for 2020 by five journals and gaming websites like Time and IGN. 

One of the pivotal people involved with the game, Greg Kasavin, in a recent interview, talked about how Dota 2 has been a “big reference point” for his team in developing Hades. He noted that Dota 2 has such a vast range of abilities and skills that encompasses almost everything you can imagine a character can do, like shooting, having a shield, blowing up and going invisible, etc. He further compared one of its character’s ability which replicates to Axe’s Ultimate, Culling Blade.

“For sure, Dota 2 has been a big influence and a big reference point on our design team simple because when you have a game with such a rich history as Dota 2, it basically has like every character ability under the sun in it or like a version of it. So, if you are making a game where you have characters that can do stuff that can like shoot stuff or like make stuff happen, have a shield, have stuff blow up under guys, become temporarily invisible, anything you can think of, Dota 2 probably has a really good example of that ability.

I do not think there are too many explicit references to it, but there are little things like Demeter(a character in Hades). Her legendary Boon causes enemies to shatter and die when their health is low enough. That reminds me of a lot of like Axes in Dota 2. He could just execute guys where he does not care how much health you have, and you just die on the spot. Yeah, we were thinking of stuff like that as an example, so it comes up yeah pretty regularly when we are like brainstorming abilities.”

Greg went on to say that Dota 2 has to make their abilities very clear as possible in terms of how they are to be used, and they at Hades also kept this thing in mind. He also compared the two games in terms of the options they offered while playing them like Dota 2 allows you to choose from a myriad of items, while in Hades, you choose abilities from a Boon system. Also, he stated that there is no single way to play these games as players have to evaluate their plans to succeed continuously. 

He lauded Dota 2 in the end as he talked about the game’s thrilling uncertainty.

“That is why Dota is compelling. It’s like you have your perfect game of Dota in mind, and it’s probably not going to be the game that you are playing right now, but you just try to make the most of it.”

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Indeed, Dota 2 has received words of appreciation from one of the best game developers in the world. Also, the fact that the MOBA has been a reference point in developing Hades points out its magnificence. 

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