Players Fine Themselves If They Don't Play 6 Pubs a Day

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  •'s captain, Save-, stated that the team required LAN experience and some more improvement to become a Tier-1 level squad.
  • Save- stated that they were fined for not playing six pubs a day when they used to bootcamp. Also, every player was required to play at least one pub before a scrim or an official match.
  • This new squad showed some scintillating Dota 2 gameplay at the EPIC League to become the champions.

Captain for the refurbished and a young squad of, Vitalie "Save-" Melnic appeared in an interview posted on the organization’s YouTube channel where he talked about's current Tier level. He also mentioned the organization’s various penalties, which include a fine for not playing six pubs in a single day.

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Save- stated that their team was still not at the Tier-1 level despite showing some top-notch Dota 2 gameplay to emerge as the champions of EPIC League that had the best teams in the region in the form of Secret, OG, Nigma, and Na’Vi. He felt that still needed more experience in LAN tourneys to reach the top level.

“We are all heading towards the same goal- to become a Tier-1 team. It looks like we have been going well so far, but still, there is scope for improvement, both as individuals and as a team. We have not yet reached the Tier-1 mark. To become a Tier-1 player, you need a lot of experience in LAN events and various game situations. Overall, I feel we still need to grow as players. There is a small step that all of us need to climb as players to become Tier-1.” Players Fine Themselves If They Don't Play 6 Pubs a Day
Image Via ESLSave- further mentioned that there were rules that the players had to abide by, the infraction of which was met by fines.

“We have various types of fines. There is a penalty for not playing at least one pub before a scrim or an official match. This is important for the player to be warmed up and to be able to think correctly. Otherwise, there is no point playing the scrim if players are not ready to or their bodies have not risen.

Initially, at the bootcamp, we had the rule to play eight pubs a day, but after two weeks, we agreed on reducing this number to six. We also had fines for shouting and talking loudly after four in the morning, but that was mainly for epileptick1d and me because everybody else sleeps early.

We decided that the money from these fines should not go to us. We concluded that we wanted to send this money to some shelter or a charity.”

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Save- has, undoubtedly, mentioned some intriguing rules that they need to follow while bootcamping. It reflects the competence level and the hard work that they have been putting in to get the desired results. was impeccable at EPIC League, and their massive win at the tourney with all the high skilled teams is a testimony of the squad’s diligence.

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Save- has also stated that they still need to pitch in some more effort to reach the Tier-1 level. Strong performances in the DPC is undoubtedly what the players and organization of will be targeting. 

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