Arteezy On The New Hero Hoodwink: It’s Completely Imbalanced

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  • Arteezy dislikes the concept of the new heroes being released in a very strong position, calling it to be "insanely imbalanced."
  • In a recent streaming session, he also stated that the new Hero Hoodwink, despite the nerfs, had insane stats like 7 armor, 320 move speed and a lot of damage through its abilities.
  • He felt that the new heroes can have very strong abilities but their base stats should be not be too high.

One of the most outgoing Dota 2 personalities who has a huge fan following, Artour "Arteezy" Babaev attracts a ton of viewers whenever he occasionally comes to stream on Twitch. In a recent streaming session, Arteezy put forward his views on the concept of new heroes, calling them to be “insanely imbalanced.”

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Arteezy Rants About The New Hero And Patch

Arteezy talked initially about the trend that follows the new heroes. He felt that all the new heroes were too strong at the time of their release.

“I mean I think all the new heroes, the new trend is that when you release the new hero, you make it insanely imbalanced and you know it’s imbalanced and you release it and you know it’s gonna ruin every fucking game and then 48 hours later you nerf it because you wanted people to have fun but it’s time for it you know to chill a little bit.”

Hoodwink received its first set of nerfs just a day after the release, but he felt the hero was still imbalanced, reflecting on the strength of the hero’s abilities and stats.

“I think the hero is still completely fucking imbalanced, but people stopped picking it as much, so I’m okay with it. I just don’t know why, when you are making a Dota hero you decide to give it 7 armor, 320 ms(Movespeed), 60 damage and two spells that do like 300 damage minimum.”

Arteezy On The New Hero Hoodwink: It’s Completely Imbalanced
Image Via Wykrhm Reddy TwitterHe further reiterated his point on why he disliked the release of the new heroes stating that their skills can be overpowered, but the base stats should not as strong as heroes like Void Spirit and Hoodwink had at the time of their release.

“I think about me is that I have a different perspective on like new heroes, I think the concepts of their skills is like interesting and cool, and it’s fine for the skills to be overpowered, but I don’t think it’s a good strategy to release new heroes that obviously have super inflated base stats. 

Like Void Spirit when he came out he had like four armor or five armor, I’m not sure what it was, and it’s just like it makes the hero. I don’t even think you can judge off the scales correctly because the base stats are too messed up, so I wouldn’t like ever release a hero with seven armor, and 320 ms and ranged. It just sounds stupid to me.”

The EG safe lane player had earlier communicated his despise for the new hero and the concept attached to it through a Tweet.

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Certainly, the innate strength that these new heroes seem to have is too hard for Arteezy to swallow. The NA veteran had also communicated that he would be streaming more in the times to come. So, after this holiday season gets over next week and DPC still having around three weeks to restart, we might be in for some classic Arteezy streams on Twitch. 

Disclaimer: Arteezy’s quotes have been edited for grammar and clarity

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