Iceiceice Talks About Why He Left SEA


Iceiceice Talks About Why He Left SEA

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  • iceiceice gives a hilarious interview with Secretlab, talking about joining EG and his life in general.
  • iceiceice felt that playing in SEA for too long would make him too comfortable which would not allow him to give his best and also, he wanted a change of environment.
  • He sarcastically stated that he would buy a Force Staff every game, just for Arteezy, to prevent Cliffteezy moments.

One of the jolliest personalities in pro-Dota, Daryl Koh "iceiceice" Pei Xiang, appeared in an exclusive interview with the gaming chair manufacturing company, Secretlab. In this hilarious interview, he spoke about a range of topics including why he left SEA to join Evil Geniuses, pressure, and goals.

Iceiceice’s Hilarious Interview With Secretlab

Iceiceice joined Evil Geniuses last month in a shocking but exciting move. Due to geographical difficulties, the player has not been able to participate in any recently concluded tournaments. However, the NA squad is all set to participate in the DPC season set to begin in January 2021, presumably with SEA stars iceiceice and Abed in their lineup. 

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Secretlab, a sponsor for Evil Geniuses, recently conducted a short yet funny interview with iceiceice.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this interview came when iceiceice explained why he decided to switch regions and join Evil Geniuses in NA.

“So the decision to join EG came from me wanting to play in a new environment. I have been in Southeast Asia for the past three years. I think I have been playing here for three years and I don’t want to lose the drive to be competitive. Because staying here is going to make me too comfortable and I’m not going to be able to play my best.”

Iceiceice also spoke about why he decided to take a break from Dota 2 in the summer. He responded by stating:

“To catch up on life, pretty much. It has been like ten years since I took a proper break from professional gaming, ever since Dota 2. So, it was really nice to have a 6 to 8 months break to just do things I could not. I tried cooking for a bit, making steak and trying to make good pancakes, but I keep buying the wrong kind of flour. I have been streaming as well. I have been doing it a little for fun.”

Further, in an amusing response, the Singaporean stated that the cost of living in Singapore has kept him playing for 15 years. 

Iceiceice Talks About Why He Left SEA
Screengrab Via Secretlab FacebookIn the end, he was asked if the Dota 2 audience should expect more Clifteezy moments, to which he sarcastically responded,

“I would definitely buy a Force Staff almost every game just for Artour(Arteezy). That’s actually the way to win TI.”

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Iceiceice has always been a Dota 2 celeb who creates a light and funny mood with his antics and jokes. As to what stunts and tricks he has up his sleeves for Dota games, we will have to wait until next month when we finally witness the boys of EG back in action.

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