Arteezy Talks About The Leadership of PPD, Puppey and Fly


Arteezy Talks About The Leadership of PPD, Puppey and Fly

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  • Arteezy in a recent podcast talked about the lessons he learnt under the three successful captains he played under-ppd, Puppey and Fly.
  • For ppd, Arteezy stated that he did not learn much because it was the first time he was getting commands from someone while under Puppey, Arteezy said that he learned a lot about both Dota 2 and general life.
  • Arteezy stated that Fly was a calmer and a different captain as compared to ppd and Puppey. He also talked about iceiceice, streaming and his time in the pandemic.

One of the most beloved personalities in the Dota 2 professional scene, Artour "Arteezy" Babaev, appeared in a recent podcast on Daniel Offen’s Position 6 Podcast. In a particular segment from the podcast, Arteezy talked about his time under the captains he has played -ppd, Puppey, and Fly and the lessons he learned during this time.

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Arteezy Talks About Playing With ppd, Puppey, and Fly

Arteezy has been under the mentorship of one of the most successful captains in Dota 2 history: ppd, Puppey, and Fly. He was asked to put light on the time he had with each one of them. Talking initially about ppd under whom his Dota 2 pro career kickstarted, Arteezy said,

“I did not work well with PPD that much. I do not know if I took any great lessons from him. But it was definitely the first experience I had with someone just commanding me like as a kid I did not get commanded as much. With him, it was like that this guy is asking me how and what to play but that is not how I play in pubs or my identity was. So, he definitely taught me a bit about that."

Further, Arteezy reflected on the time he spent under Puppey’s leadership, stating that he learned many things about general life, besides Dota 2, from him. 

“Puppey, taught me a lot of things about life and a lot of things about me that I carry on to this day. He taught me about a lot of personal things that I can’t really share but he has definitely helped my improvement over the years. I think some of the lessons that he told me back then, I didn't understand them for many years. I remember our team at TI6 was really dogshit, I was a big reason why. But he told me a lot of things after TI, that I did not really get it, for many years. But these last three years, I am just getting hit by them and I am like 'Oh thats what he meant'. So, he has definitely taught me a lot.”

Arteezy has been the staple player for EG since 2016 after he made a couple of switches between EG and Secret from 2014-16.
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Arteezy talked about his current captain in the EG squad, Fly, who he felt was different from the other captains he has played under.

“Tal(fly) is the most different among two other captains I have played with. He is more calm, he listens more and is the kind of guy you admire because he has a different method of achieving what he wants. I've seen like lot of different methods from ppd and Puppey, then I see Tal's method, then I kind of understand that they all want a similar thing. It's just the method that they decide to achieve it (that is different). So, it is pretty cool to think about it in this way.”

Arteezy, in addition to talking about his various captains, also spoke in detail about how he spent his time in the ongoing pandemic considering EG did not play any tournaments in the past few months. Also, he talked a bit about iceiceice’s addition to the squad stating that the Singaporean was the most “annoying” offlaner he had ever played against. Also, he had wanted to play with the Singaporean player since 2014. 

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Arteezy shared many other things in the podcast, which gives an intriguing insight into the player’s life. The player has also signified his desire to stream more regularly in the coming months, which is a piece of great news for his fans as they will see their boy back in action after a long halt.

Edit: An earlier version of the article had Arteezy's quotes edited in it for Grammar and clarity. This has since been changed, to reflect Arteezy's exact quotes in the interview.

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