No[o]ne Reveals Likely Date Of The Next Dota 2 Patch


No[o]ne Reveals Likely Date Of The Next Dota 2 Patch

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • No[o]ne states that a new patch related to general changes like economy and map will be released next week on December 24.
  • CIS caster, NS, also speculated that this 7.28 patch was only the first half and a second half concerned with general changes will be out next 'Thursday.'
  • NS stated that major update like this one is always accompanied with a change to the map and the economy and also tried to justify his opinion by taking hints from a post by mysterious Dota 2 personality, Wykrhm Reddy.

Just when every Dota 2 player is trying their level best to digest this insane new patch 7.28, ex-VP mid laner, Vladimir "No[o]ne" Minenko has revealed that there will be another patch releasing on December 24. According to him, this new patch will be concerned with economy changes and map modifications. 

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A New Dota 2 Patch Likely To Be Revealed On December 24

No[o]ne’s comments were made on his personal livestream, where he also stated that this change will transform the game. On being asked about the current new patch, he said,

“It is fun but will get fixed, nerfed. Games are fun to play these days. Having fun and learning and getting used to new things. There will also be a patch after this one. A week later, I have been told that they (Valve) will nerf the economy and change the map. The game will become a new one.”

CIS streamer and caster, Yaroslav Vladimirovich "NS" Kuznetsov, speculated that Valve had only released the initial portions of the update concerned with the hero and item changes and a major update is yet to go live. According to him, this major update will be concerned with general changes like map alterations. He took hints from social media personality Wykrhm Reddy’s recent post about the patch and stated that Thursday, December 24 was the next ‘Thursday’ on which this major update would get publicly released. 

In a Telegram post he wrote, 

“There are no changes in this patch regarding the map and economy but are only related to the heroes and items. For a global patch like this, this is not ideal as such a big update always leads to many general changes.

How do I know that there will likely be a patch? From the Twitter post of insider Wykrhm Reddy, if you look closely at the picture, the following is written on the left: “Time in my city: Thursday but not the Thursday that matters.” From this, the meaning is clear that this Thursday was the day when the hero and item changes were revealed and the next Thursday would unveil the general changes. Next Thursday is 24 December which is also Catholic Christmas which might indicate towards a new Christmas event. 

This is my theory and we will soon find out if I am right or not.”

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Certainly, both these CIS personalities have made predictions regarding a significant change that could completely transform the way Dota 2 is currently played. The changes to the meta after the addition of shrines and outposts, and the removal of side shops are a testimony to how various map changes can impact the game significantly. If their theories turn out to be true, we are in for a new dawn of Dota 2 with all these altered hero abilities, items, a changed map and potential new buildings.

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