Na'Vi Sweeps OG To Claim Their First Major Title in 4 Years


Na'Vi Sweeps OG To Claim Their First Major Title in 4 Years

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Na'Vi defeats OG 3-0 in a comprehensive fashion to become champions of OGA Dota Pit S4: Europe/CIS.
  • OG fought hard in all the three matches but Na'Vi looked impeccable on the day as they had great drafts and crisp execution.
  • This tournament victory marks Na'Vi's first significant title win in four years. OG, on the other hand, has now lost two consecutive grand finals.

The last major Tier 1 EU/CIS tournament OGA Dota PIT Season 4 culminated yesterday with the resurgent squad of Na'Vi claiming victory in the grand finals. They convincingly defeated OG ‘3-0’ to grab their first significant tournament win since 2016.

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Na'Vi Wins OGA Dota Pit S4: Europe/CIS

Na'Vi started the final day at OGA Dota Pit S4 with a lower bracket final series against Nigma. The first two games showcased a gruelling contest from both the teams, but the final game was a stomp as Iceberg delivered an immaculate Shadow Fiend performance in the mid lane to knock Nigma out of the tourney.

The grand finals began a little later with Na'Vi facing off against OG, a team that looked in sublime touch in their last couple of tournaments. 

Image Via LiquipediaGame 1 was V-Tune’s show as he critted Nigma’s heroes into oblivion, ending with a KDA of 18-0-15 on his Phantom Assassin. OG was able to take care of everyone else on Na'Vi and looked strong through the major portion of the match but whenever V-Tune arrived, he decimated them.  Despite it being a cracker of a match, the two-time TI champions could not keep V-Tune’s PA at bay losing Game 1 in 41 minutes.

Game 2 was an absolute massacre of OG’s heroes as they got hunted all over the map. After a great laning phase, Na'Vi’s heroes copied OG’s style of just ‘running the enemy over.’ The Ukrainian squad was looking perfect on the day as they ended Game 2 in just 23 minutes with Iceberg going ham on Storm Spirit with a KDA of 15-2-5.

Game 3 witnessed Na'Vi draft some signature heroes for their cores as GeneRaL picked Batrider, Iceberg selected Doom and V-Tune played Terrorblade. On OG’s sides, Ceb played his signature Dark Seer while Topson played a mid Silencer. Things were looking almost equal at the midway stage with Na'Vi having a slight upper hand with all their natural counters to iLTW’s Phantom Assassin. Eventually, PA started losing every fight, rendering her almost useless. The rest of OG’s side gave in everything but Na'Vi was too strong to be taken down as they lost both, Game 3 and the series ‘0-3’.

Na'Vi with this tournament victory will be immensely euphoric as the organization has not been able to live up to its standards in recent years. They have had multiple roster changes but everything has gone down in vain. Finally, they seem to have found a talented squad who has been performing consistently handing them their first major championship title since StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2. 

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OG, on the other hand, will be disappointed with this loss as they have now incurred defeat in two consecutive grand finals. But the silver lining for them will be the fact that they have now found their form back and are performing consistently. 

That will be it for some top tier EU/CIS action in 2020 as we now wait for the resumption of DPC on January 18, 2021. 

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