Heroes Can Turn Into Giants After New Patch


Heroes Can Turn Into Giants After New Patch

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • The Mistwoods Update has brought in intriguing changes to the game which include a new hero, an Aghanim Shards update for all heroes and items and hero changes.
  • New Tier 5 Neutral Item named as Giant's Ring when combined with abilities like Ogre's Bloodlust and Undying's Ultimate turns the hero into a giant.
  • The new hero is named Hoodwink and has abilities that look like adaptions of skills of other heroes. Also, a total of 15 items have been removed from the game.

The long-awaited 7.28 patch had been hanging fire for several months by Valve but now finally, the Dota 2 audience has been blessed with a host of exciting changes in this patch. The Mistwoods Update has brought with it a new patch 7.28, a brand new hero, an Aghanim's Shard upgrade for all heroes and massive changes to heroes and items. 

Amongst all these mind-boggling updates, one change that has made the community go berserk is a Tier 5 Neutral item that turns Dota 2 heroes into giants. 

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New Patch Changes Heroes to Giants

Dota 2 is not the same anymore as Valve has introduced innumerable changes in this Mistwoods update. One of these hilarious change is the introduction of a new Tier 5 Neutral item named as Giant’s Ring. For the stats, it provides +40 Strength, +60 Movement Speed but in addition, it causes your hero’s size to increase by 60% and allows it to walk over any terrain. This 60% model size increase is not the only way that the hero can be turned into a monster. When that particular hero is further affected by abilities like Bloodlust and switches on BKB, it becomes so huge that it covers almost the entire screen.

Image Via Reddit (u/HUUAH_)In the above image, Terrorblade after using Metamorphosis has been buffed by Ogre’s Bloodlust and under the effect of BKB can be seen turning into a giant. 

Dragon Knight is another hero who can turn gigantic with this insane item and buffs from Ogre.

Highlights of The Mistwoods Update

The principal changes that this Mistwoods Update has brought are the introduction of a new hero and the Aghanim’s Shards in the 7.28 patch. 

The new hero who is named as Hoodwink, is a ranged Agility hero has abilities that look like an adaption of Witch Doctor’s Paralyzing Cask, Windranger’s Shackle, Treant Protector’s Nature’s Guise and Sniper’s Assassinate.

The Aghanim’s Shards update is arguably one of the biggest changes that Dota 2 has witnessed over the years. It introduces a new item, Aghanim Shard, costing 1400 gold which permanently adds a new ability or improves an existing one for each hero. However, it is purchasable starting at 20 minutes and gets consumed immediately once a hero receives it. 

Aghanim Scepter reworks have taken place a few times in the past but this time, a number of heroes have had their Scepters completely changed which is going to be interesting to play and watch.

Last but not least, 15 items have been removed from the game which includes 14 neutral ones and one in general- Ring of Tarrasque. The removed neutral items have been replaced with new ones which present all-new stats and active abilities. 

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With this Mistwoods update being out only earlier today, we are surely going to witness some game-breaking abilities and hero updates that will require big nerfs. Until we await the 7.28a patch, we can all try out and get used to this new dawn of Dota 2. 

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