Abed's Team Dog Secures Top 3 At BTS Pro Series


Abed's Team Dog Secures Top 3 At BTS Pro Series

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Team Dog defeats T1 2-1 to secure a spot in the Upper Bracket Final of BTS Pro Series S4: SEA.
  • Team Dog lost a considerable lead in Game 1 to lose it but absolutely stomped T1 in Game 2 and Game 3, ending them in just 24 and 23 minutes respectively.
  • Team Dog will now face TNC Predator in the Upper Bracket Final whereas T1 plays Execration in the Lower Bracket R2.

Possibly the last SEA series before the long-awaited 7.28 patch saw the revamped roster of T1 taking on the 4Fun stack of Team Dog. The temporary stack comprising of iceiceice and Abed showed immaculate Dota, and despite a slip-up in Game 1, which cost them the map, they easily took the series 2-1 and sealed a spot in the Upper Bracket Final.

Abed's Team Dog Secures Top 3 At BTS Pro Series

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Team Dog Defeats T1 To Secure Upper Bracket Final Spot

Game 1 saw well-rounded drafts from both sides as they picked either comfort or in-meta hero combos. Team Dog’s gameplay execution in the earlier stages was superb as they established a solid 8K lead at 18 minutes. However, JaCkky’s Spectre for T1 had been farming smoothly in the side lanes, which worked out wonders for them. They won an all-important Roshan fight, which completely turned the game to their advantage with an Aegis secured for Spectre. Things went downhill for Team Dog after this lost fight as they lost Game 1 in 29 minutes.

Game 2 was an absolute stomp by Team Dog as they punished T1’s greedy and slow-paced draft. Karl had a disastrous game in the mid lane on Puck, as did other heroes of T1. They tried to prolong the game to provide JaCkky with some space so that he could pull off a comeback like Game 1. But Team Dog pushed their advantage early to end the game in just 24 minutes with a scoreline of 27-4.

Game 3 saw the support duo of Poloson on Undying and ah fu on Earth Spirit for Team Dog wreak havoc all across the map. At the 10 minute mark, both of them had killed 10 heroes and were constantly hunting down more with Abed’s Storm Spirit. They absolutely shrunk the map for JaCkky’s Phantom Assassin and continuously kept killing her. T1 had no chances for a comeback play as Team Dog, like Game 2, played fast and ended the match as early as 23 minutes to seal the series 2-1.

With this series victory, Team Dog secures a top 3 spot in the BTS Pro Series S4: SEA. Their individual gameplay was impeccable in this series, which provided them with early solid leads. A tough matchup awaits them in the Upper Bracket Final, where they face TNC Predator on December 19 for a spot in the grand finals. 

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T1, after their second place in the group stages, looked lackluster in this series as they got heavily outplayed. Hopes are still alive for them in the tournament as they fall to the lower bracket where they will face Execration on December 18, potentially on a new patch. 

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