TNC Overpowers Fnatic To Reach Upper Bracket Finals


TNC Overpowers Fnatic To Reach Upper Bracket Finals

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  • TNC Predator defeats Fnatic 2-1 to reach the Upper Bracket Final at BTS Pro Series S4: SEA.
  • Gabbi was, arguably, the MVP for the series as he delivered a solid carry performance to knock down Fnatic to the lower brackets.
  • Fnatic now plays against Motivate.Trust Gaming in the lower brackets while TNC will compete against the winner of Team Dog vs T1 for a spot in the Grand Finals.

TNC Predator faced off against their arch-rivals in a classic SEA battle, Fnatic, as the upper bracket playoffs kicked off today at BTS Pro Series S4: SEA. The Filipino squad of TNC was able to take the series 2-1 and cement a spot in the Upper Bracket Final, where they will face the winner of Team Dog vs T1.

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Gabbi Shines As TNC Moves To Upper Bracket Finals At BTS Pro Series

Game 1 was the Armel show as he went berserk on a mid Puck. Off to a great laning phase, he was able to get a lot of items and consistently hunted down enemy heroes with that advantage. TNC had the late game secured with the Venge-Arc Warden duo, but the need did not arise as all of their heroes played extraordinarily well. For Fnatic, only Raven had a good game on Morphling, but TNC overpowered him to take the first game in 33 minutes.

Game 2 witnessed TNC continue with the Venge+1 strategy as they picked up Medusa. Fnatic resorted to an out of meta Phantom Lancer in a bid to burn off Medusa’s Mana. Fnatic picked up a lot of pace after the laning phase as TNC had two saving supports in the form of Venge and Shadow Demon, and Armel was already having a rough game as he desperately tried to make space for Gabbi. TNC, as a result, entirely hinged on Gabbi to carry them the game with a desperate Manta Style into BKB into Divine Rapier rush, but Fnatic’s heroes had become too strong as a unit and finished Game 2 in 30 minutes.

Game 3 saw the ultimate carry vs carry showdown as Gabbi’s Sven took on Raven’s Phantom Assassin. Both the carries were also backed up, saving supports in the form of Omniknight for Sven and Io for Phantom Assassin. The game looked to be equally poised at the mid-stage as both carries farmed to their best capacity. Gabbi went all in for a Silver Edge and Abyssal Blade, skipping the customary items of BKB and Aghs, which worked tremendously for him as he burst down Fnatic’s heroes into oblivion. TNC’s power spike was way too earlier and stronger as compared to Fnatic as they ended the game in 35 minutes.

TNC begin their playoffs run with a pleasing victory as they have booked a spot in the Upper Bracket Final of the tournament. The team looked the best in the group stages as well where they ended in the number 1 spot. So, all things look to be falling perfectly in place for Gabbi and Co. 

TNC Overpowers Fnatic To Reach Upper Bracket Finals

Fnatic, on the other hand, has looked shaky in their performances in particular matches. They will undoubtedly be disappointed with this series loss, but they are still not out of this tournament. They will now play against Motivate.Trust Gaming in the Lower Bracket R2 on December 18.

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We witnessed yet another series in this patch where the carry players took the spotlight. However, with the patch predicted to be out anytime in the next 24 hours, all these flashy cores in the form of Phantom Assassin, Sven and Faceless Void etc. are likely going to be hit with massive nerfs.

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