Fans Speculate That Sorla Khan Will Be The Next New Hero


Fans Speculate That Sorla Khan Will Be The Next New Hero

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Valve's 'Mistwood' update might be indicating towards a new hero named as Sorla Khan.
  • Sorla Khan is a hero in the Dota 2 card game, Artifact and leads an army known as Red Mist Army which was under the leadership by Axe earlier.
  • Voice lines of heroes like Pangolier, Juggernaut, Dark Willow relating to Sorla Khan, the term 'Mist' and the new hero being a female all hint at the possibility of her being the new hero to be released.

Valve’s announcement to release the new update on Thursday, likely tomorrow, has significantly raised the amount of hype among the Dota 2 fans. The update termed as ‘Mistwood’ by Valve is expected to reveal the 7.28 patch, a brand new hero, and other UI related changes. Since the update has been named ‘Mistwood’ by Valve, it might be hinting at the Dota 2 Artifact hero, Sorla Khan, the Red Mist Army’s leader. 

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Dota 2 Mistwood Update Hints At The Sorla Khan Hero

The long-awaited Dota 2 update to bring a new female hero is to get released in mid-December, and with Valve’s possibly final teasing of the update yesterday with the term ‘Mistwood,’ we might have gotten hints of this new hero. 

The word ‘Mist’ takes us to the Dota 2 card game, Artifact, launched in 2018 by Valve containing several Dota 2 heroes with designated lores and artwork. In Artifact, a female hero called “Sorla Khan” exists. She is the Red Mist Army’s leader. Axe led this contingent before Sorla Khan took charge of it, and she is now bloodthirsty for him as the army got destroyed under his leadership.

Image via Valve

Sorla Khan is a part of the Oglodi race, which includes Axe and Disruptor. Some Dota 2 heroes also mention her in their voice lines when they communicate with Axe. 

Dark Willow response: You're much more reasonable than Sorla.

Pangolier response: I apologize for lumping you in with the Red Mist Horde... you're nothing like Sorla Khan.

Pangolier response: After fighting Sorla Khan, you are a sorry disappointment…

Call of the Bladeform Legacy (Juggernaut Arcana): Axe, when this battle is over, we must discuss what to do about Sorla Khan.

Feast of Abscession response (Pudge Arcana): Sorla can have your skin. But that meat's mine.

All these voice lines point towards the immense strength of Sorla Khan and the fear that heroes have towards her. SUNSfan and syndereN, in their podcast, We Say Things, also mentioned the possibility of the new hero being the Sorla Khan. They state that since the new hero has been teased as a female by Valve and the new update is also termed as ‘Mistwood,’ these couple of hints validate the claim of Sorla Khan being the latest hero to get added to Dota 2. 

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Other than her, speculations have been made over time regarding who the new hero will be. In August this year, a Redditor discovered files on the potential new hero named Valkyrie. Over the last year, there have been claims that the new hero will be the Puppet Master, a hero that exists in Dota 2 Underlords. Data miners also reported files that hinted at the new hero being Puppet Master. Valve’s Diretide trailer also potentially teased a new hero holding a crossbow. 

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Also, as SUNSfan mentioned in the podcast and as per the usual trend every year, Valve releases a set of two heroes. So, we could also see a couple of heroes being revealed tomorrow. Or we could also see Valve release one now and the other one in some time, perhaps alongside the Spectre Arcana. 

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