CIS Coach Accuses OG Of Using 'Pills' At The International


CIS Coach Accuses OG Of Using 'Pills' At The International

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Winstrike Dota 2 coach, Ahilles, has claimed that OG used "pills" while performing at The International.
  • He has stated that OG was able to give their 100% and stayed calm and motivated at TI as a result of these pills.

CIS Dota 2 team coach, Winstrike, Timur "Ahilles" Kulmuhambetov, has made a bold claim that the two-time TI champions - OG used pills while playing at The International. A report on the CIS portal,, quotes Ahilles as stating that OG was able to give their 100% at TI because they used pills.


  • AFK Gaming has been unable to verify these claims independently.
  • We have reached out to OG for comment and will insert their comments if they respond.

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Allegations of OG using pills at The International

According to, Ahilles claims that OG had the desired level of motivation, could give their 100%, and were very calm compared to other teams at The International because they used 'pills'. He went on to say that he was also angry because OG operates a roster in CS:GO as well, where there are strict protocols against using pills, and that he finds it somewhat strange that an organization with rosters in two esports titles at a similar scale has different approaches to each.

He went on to draw comparisons between a visibly flustered PSG.LGD after the Game 4 loss at TI8 and a composed side of OG who had lost the previous games as shown in the TI8 True Sight documentary. He claimed that OG could only maintain their composure, despite their losses in Games 2 and 3, because they were on these 'pills'.

Ahilles concluded by saying that CIS analyst and commentator Sergey "Smile" Revin, aka ARS-ART, had officially talked about OG taking “pills” earlier but had to apologize because he did not want to get “run over.” 

ARS-ART's allegations and apology in 2019

Earlier, in 2019, CIS Analyst ARS-ART, claimed that OG had used performance-enhancing drugs at TI9. Moreover, he claimed that these were introduced to them by Mia Stellberg, their sports psychologist. Neither Valve, nor OG, nor Mia Stellberg issued a response pertaining to the allegations made by ARS-ART.

However, shortly after, he issued an apology for making these claims.

"I apologize to the OG team and the eSports community. I spoke out extremely inappropriately, focusing on unreliable rumors about medicines and commenting on their game in a similar manner. OG are the true champions to prove this for the second year in a row!"

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By winning TI9, OG had become the only team in Dota 2 history to win two TI titles and that too, back to back. Ahilles has, in that regard, certainly issued a very bold statement that could potentially create a lot of fuss and debate. They are one of the most celebrated and iconic teams in not only Dota 2 but also the entire esports scene. It will be interesting to see if they issue a response to these claims by Ahilles.

However, until some form of evidence is presented to support these claims against OG, these are just unsubstantiated accusations and should not be taken as facts.

Edit (December 13, 05:05 PM SGT): After media portals published his allegations, Ahilles has posted an update on his social media handle at VK. He stated:

"There are no facts about the use of stimulants by the OG team and there won't be any. This is not an accusation, but only my subjective assumption. Because the OG played incredibly hard and their emotional state was at its highest level in the face of wild stress."

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