CIS Portal Reports The Salary That Just Error Are Demanding

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Just Error players reportedly demanded a salary of $75-100K per month and full "support" until TI10 from organizations approached
  • As per reports, they approached top organizations that, Na'Vi, HellRaisers, Cloud9, Ninjas In Pyjamas, Heroic, Team Vitality, and FunPlus Phoenix.
  • Their manager, Roman Dvoryankin, had earlier in the day revealed that the team received an offer from a solid esports organization.

The Just Error stack that comprises the ex-VP squad and SumaiL has reportedly asked for a salary ranging from $75-100K per month from various organizations. As reported by CYBERSLOVO, the players also requested “full support” till The International 10 in addition to this salary. 

Before this information was reported, former Virtus.Pro general manager, Roman Dvoryankin, revealed that Just Error had received an offer from a major esports organization. 

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Just Error In Talks With Organizations

Dvoryankin explained that they did not want to go ahead with a player-owned organization in the current situation.

"We gave up on our plans to form our own organization. In the current state of affairs, it simply does not make economic sense. Our goal was to find an organization, which is what I mainly did. The search has been successful as a large and accomplished organization has made a worthy offer to the players."

He further stated that they were prepared for a bad result at EPIC League and so wanted to try out a couple of tournaments before they could engage in further talks with the organization. 

"We deliberately did not make any loud statements in the start because the guys wanted to try out a couple of tournaments and figure out what they required. They also wanted to wait till Valve released the dates for the resumption of DPC. Everyone was prepared for a bad position at EPIC League, so the result was expected. I believe everyone needs some time to decide the future course of action and whether to accept the offer or not. "

After this revelation, CIS portal CYBERSLOVO reported that the players have asked for a pay of $75-100K per month and full assistance until the International 10, scheduled to be held in 2021.

The report also stated Just Error had approached some major esports organizations, which include, Na'Vi, HellRaisers, Cloud9, Ninjas In Pyjamas, Heroic, Team Vitality, and FunPlus Phoenix. 

The portal has also reported that Just Error is still to reach a final agreement with an organization because of their stack status, motivation levels, the ongoing pandemic, and the decent results by teams that are already playing for these organizations. 

Announced in early November, Just Error was subject to a lot of discussion and hype. The roster marked the return of the classic trio of RAMZES666, Solo and No[o]ne and also of 'King' SumaiL. Zayac was the final member of the squad who is considered one of CIS’s best position 4 players. 

Just Error could only secure a 5-6th spot and a sum of $2500 in their debut tournament at EPIC League.
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Contrary to all the hype and excitement, Just Error's dismal performance at the EPIC League saddened its fans as they initially fell down to Division 2, only to secure a 5-6th place finish. 

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With the restart of DPC next month, we might witness Just Error play under the banners of a ‘big’ European esports organization.

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