CIS Caster: are like a big slippery poisonous toad

CIS Caster: are like a big slippery poisonous toad

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • CIS Caster, Maelstorm, praises by calling them a big slippery poisonous toad that is hard to catch and eventually becomes stronger to eat you up.
  • This statement comes after's series victory over Na'Vi which secured them a spot in the upper bracket final and a top 3 position.
  • plays on December 12 for a spot in the grand finals of EPIC League. is creating a fantastic underdog story at the EPIC League as their series win against Na’Vi the previous night has secured them a top 3 spot. After this closely fought 2-1 series victory, famous CIS caster Vladimir "Maelstorm" Kuzminov praised for their recent performances by comparing them to a “big slippery poisonous toad.”

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CIS Caster Praises is one of the teams in the global Dota 2 scene whose performance has improved by leaps and bounds in the last one year. From being just a low tier team without any actual reputation or recognition to becoming a part of an elite list of Tier 1 teams in EU/CIS Dota, they have come a long way.

Image Via LiquipediaAt the EPIC League, the Romanian squad was placed at the number two spot in a group stage comprised of the top dogs of EU Dota- Secret, Liquid, Nigma, OG, and Alliance. Then yesterday, they faced against a renewed squad of Na’Vi and emerged out as the stronger and better team to secure a spot in the upper bracket finals.

CIS caster, Maelstorm admired the side of after this series, labeling them to be a “big slippery poisonous toad.” 

He stated:

“ are like a big slippery poisonous toad. You try to grab it, but at the last moment it swerves and jumps away. And you're left to die in the poisonous sludge.

But then the toad grows up and just eats you.”

Maelstorm has supposedly compared’s playstyle in the series against Na’Vi with this metaphor.

Their recent antics at the EPIC League has gained them a lot of attraction. Coach for Fnatic, Lee "SunBhie" Jeong-Jae, tweeted last month that deserved much more fame and hype. He thought that a talented team like them required a better infrastructure for their “nurturing.”

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Certainly, Boom and Co. will not want to stay content with all these praises and look to claim the championship title at EPIC League. Their journey so far has been relatively smooth, but their next hurdle is They face each other on December 12 for a spot in the grand finals of the tournament.

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