EternaLEnVy Gets Banned On Twitch

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  • Popular Dota 2 figure, EternaLEnVy, received his first ban on his Twitch channel.
  • EternaLEnVy communicated that he had used the g word which led to this ban.
  • The duration of the ban is unknown as of now though it is likely to be a temporary one.

One of the most popular names in the Dota 2 scene, Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao has been banned from the streaming site, Twitch. The Canadian player who just recently communicated that he had departed from the 4Fun stack and was looking for a new team has now received his first ban on Twitch.

EternaLEnVy Gets Banned On Twitch

EternaLEnVy Receives His First Ban On Twitch

EternaLEnVy has become a regular streamer for quite some time now. EE as the Dota 2 community fondly calls him, received his first ban on his Twitch channel, EternaLEnVyy, yesterday for using a racial slur. EternaLEnVy communicated through a tweet that he had been banned for using the “g” word. 

The total duration of the ban is still unknown, but the ban is likely to be a temporary one. Bans on streamers who tend to use slurs have been on the rise since the Black Lives Matter movement attracted the attention of masses from around the world. Other Dota 2 pros that include N0tail and Black^ have also been banned in the past for using similar types of slurs. 

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OG’s offlaner, Ceb was the most recent Dota 2 player who had received a ban on his Twitch channel. The occasional streamer was banned 10 days ago but the reason for the same was not made public.

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Though this is EternaLEnVy’s first ban on Twitch, it is not the first instance when he has come into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. In October 2019, he was banned for six months on his smurf account because he did not play his chosen role in ranked matchmaking and had even touched a behavior score of 1. EternaLEnVy was also heavily criticized when he kicked midlaner Nico "Gunnar" Lopez from TEAM TEAM after the latter had helped the team qualify for the MDL Disneyland Paris Major. 

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EternaLEnVy is one of the more exciting players in the world of Dota 2 who can pull our jaw-dropping as well as head-scratching moves every other game. He has a massive fan base as a result.

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He is one of the most loved personalities in the field of Dota 2. Currently, the player is teamless and played the last few tournaments with a temporary stack. Earlier last month, on this temporary 4Fun squad, EternaLEnVy was able to overcome Quincy Crew’s eight tournament winning streak to win the DOTA Summit 13: Americas.

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