Kyle Calls Out mudgolems For Roster Shuffle

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  • Midlaner for mudgolems, BoraNija, revealed on December 7 that he was out of mudgolems.
  • This roster change comes just 13 days after the team revealed that they were looking for an organization.
  • Commentator and analyst, Kyle, has criticized mudgolems for this change stating that teams need to prove that they are a sound business investment and not just a random stack.

mudgolems in a surprising move, parted ways with their midlaner, Duško "BoraNija" Boranijaševic, yesterday after the team was knocked down from Division 1 to the playoffs of Division 2. Analyst Kyle "Kyle" Freedman has criticized the European team for this roster change.

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Kyle Is Unhappy With BoraNija Leaving mudgolems

Formed only in September 2020, the team had become the talk of the town after they were able to hand Team Secret their first series loss in four months at ESL One Germany 2020. 

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Under the leadership of veterans 33 and Fata, the roster secured a respectable 3rd place position in the tourney, ahead of top tier Europe teams like Nigma, Secret, OG and Alliance. In their debut tournament, the BTS Pro Series Season 3: Europe/CIS, they finished as the runner-ups. 

However, their performance dipped considerably at the DOTA Summit 13 Online: Europe & CIS to only accomplish a 5-8th spot. Their EPIC League journey started strong, but they fell apart miserably to end in the bottom two positions of the group stage, eliminating them from Division 1. 

Their midlaner, BoraNija, revealed yesterday that he had departed from the team- a change that made people contemplate the decision, considering mudgolems was doing decently as a new stack and had been looking for an organization. 

Kyle Calls Out mudgolems For Roster Shuffle
Image Via Twitter (@BoraNijaDota)After BoraNija departed from the squad, commentator and analyst Kyle has criticized mudgolems for this change.

According to Kyle, mudgolems has parted ways with its midlaner only 13 days after publicly announcing that they were looking to get hired. Kyle has stated that if a team wants to get acquired by an organization, they need to become a “sound investment option” for them and not look like a random stack. Kyle also mentions that DPC’s resumption was still a month away and such roster changes make it difficult for Dota 2 teams to find organizations. 

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There were recent reports regarding mudgolems getting signed by Ninjas In Pyjamas, but the story has not developed a lot since then. At the time of writing, the team has been knocked out of the EPIC league as they lost their Lower Bracket R1 match against the former roster of Ninjas In Pyjamas. They played the series with a stand-in, Daniel "Stormstormer" Schoetzau, a pub star who has been in and out of several pro teams in his four-year-long Dota 2 career. mudgolems will now compete at the upcoming OGA Dota Pit S4 alongside all the top European and CIS teams.  

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