Mushi And Ohaiyo Star In The Funniest Commercial Of 2020


Mushi And Ohaiyo Star In The Funniest Commercial Of 2020

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • SEA legends, Mushi and Ohaiyo star in a humours commercial for ZOTAC Gaming.
  • In the commercial, they help a guy find the perfect birthday gift for her girlfriend and also teach him Dota 2.
  • RAMZES666, Solo, Dendi and Puppey have been other Dota 2 professionals who have made an appearance in advertisements for reputed companies.

Over the last few months, Valve has announced a few changes to the DPC but gave no love to the SEA Dota 2 scene. Rosters were dropped, players were swapped, and pros were left looking for ways to land on their feet. Among these victims were SEA Dota's veterans Mushi and Ohaiyo, who, as we have just learned, were busy playing matchmakers for gamers looking to land girlfriends by buying graphic cards. 

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Mushi And Ohaiyo Star In A Humorous Commercial For Zotac

A hilarious advertisement posted on the Facebook page of the computer hardware company ZOTAC featured SEA Dota 2 legends Khoo "Ohaiyo" Chong Xin and Chai "Mushi" Yee Fung. 

The two veterans of the Dota 2 pro scene can be seen in the commercial helping a guy find the perfect birthday gift for his girlfriend. They initially gift her a bouquet which does not impress her as they expected. The girl then asks the guy if he plays Dota 2 because a friend of hers is really good at it, but unfortunately, he does not know how to play the game. 

However, Mushi and Ohaiyo ensure that they will help him learn the game and challenge the girl’s friend for a 1v1 competition. The guy managed to win the game because of Mushi’s foul play (he unplugged the friend’s mouse). But the three of them realize that the girl needs a new GPU, so they buy the latest ZOTAC GAMING GPU for her. He gifts it to her and wins her heart. 

Truly heartwarming.

Screengrab Via ZOTACMushi and Ohaiyo have been one of the most experienced players in the SEA region and the global Dota 2 pro scene. The two of them are well known for their stint with Fnatic(previously Team Malaysia) from 2014-17, with whom they secured the 4th spot at TI6 and a 5-6th spot finishes at the Manila and Shanghai Major. Later, Mushi also enjoyed considerable success with Mineski. However, since 2018, both the players have found it difficult to find stability in teams, and as a result, they both formed IO Dota 2 in early 2020. 

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Mushi and Ohaiyo’s appearance in an advertisement for a reputed company is not the first instance of a Dota 2 pro appearing in a mainstream ad. Dendi and Puppey have featured in commercials for SteelSeries and Corsair respectively. Captain of the new Just Error stack, Solo, became the ambassador of Gillette and made an appearance in one of its ads. Arguably the player that tops this chart of advertisements is the carry player for Just Error, RAMZES666, who was just recently made the brand ambassador for Nike. He has also been featured in a commercial for Head & Shoulders back in 2018. 

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