No[o]ne Hints At Why Virtus.Pro Disbanded


No[o]ne Hints At Why Virtus.Pro Disbanded

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  • No[o]ne has stated that the main reason behind the disbandment of his former VP roster was a lack of "team chemistry."
  • He also mentioned that he was comfortable and enjoying his new role of an offlaner and any hype regarding his new lineup did not affect him.

Offlaner for Just Error and ex-VP midlaner, Vladimir "No[o]ne" Minenko, talked about a host of things in a conversation with CIS portal, He mentioned the process of his transition from the mid to the offlane role and how he currently felt about this new change. No[o]ne also talked about his ex VP squad.

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No[o]ne on why Virtus.Pro disbanded their roster a few months ago

No[o]ne stated that “team chemistry” was the primary reason behind VP’s disbandment earlier this season.

"I don't think there were any big problems, because we had very good results for the year. We were top 2 in all the prizes, except for OMEGA League. There was no major problem. I just don't think the stars, the players and their visions aligned. It's just team chemistry. It happens.”

No[o]ne talks about his new offlane role

No[o]ne expressed that he liked the offlane role. 

“I was very attached to this roster of Just Error from the beginning. In general, I feel the subject of role in Dota 2 is vague because I really love the game. Learning something new is obviously a very long and careful process that I still have to do. I just like the offlaner role from the outside, because in a way, you build the game, and a lot depends on that.”

No[o]ne further reflected on his comfort level while playing this new offlane role. 

“If I talk about training and pubs, then it is very comfortable. But things change when you enter a professional match because people give their best there. You have to have a better understanding and knowledge. During the seven years I have been mid, I have never really asked myself the question, ‘How do people stand in the offlane and what things do they do?’ And then, your lane changes from mid to offlane, and your whole impact to the game also changes. It is very cool. I like it. I love what I am doing currently. Every day I wake up and try to learn a lot of new things, watch a set of replays and ponder over some ideas.”

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Though there have been many negative opinions and talks regarding No[o]ne’s latest role in the offlane, he seems to be enjoying it. As he mentioned that time is needed to attain perfection in a position, we can expect his performances to get revamped in the times to come provided Just Error also continue to stick together. In this regard, No[o]ne has mentioned that they are currently focussed on what they think as a team and not about the opinions of the external factors. 

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Just Error has recently received a lot of negative feedback because of their shaky performances as the ongoing EPIC League. Communication issues with SumaiL, No[o]ne’s transition from the mid lane to the offlane have been the major points raised by the critiques. 

No[o]ne Hints At Why Virtus.Pro Disbanded
Image Via LiquipediaJust Error is currently stationed at the number 8th spot in a group of ten teams. Their last series begins today against OG. If they manage to win this series, it will secure them a lower bracket playoffs berth. But if they lose, Just Error will have to play tiebreakers tomorrow against Alliance and mudgolems. 

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