Ex-Na’Vi Carry XBOCT Criticizes Dendi

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  • Ex-Na'Vi carry player and T1 champion, XBOCT, has criticized Dendi's captaincy skills and his time with B8 Esports.

One of the linchpins of the Na’Vi team that dominated the Dota 2 global scene back in the days, Oleksandr "XBOCT" Dashkevych commented on his fellow teammate from Na’Vi and one of the greats of the game, Danil "Dendi" Ishutin. In an interview with HellRaisers Dota 2, XBOCT stated that Dendi’s time with B8 Esports has turned out to be really bad and that he has not been a successful captain.

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XBOCT Criticises Dendi Over His Gameplay And New Team B8 Esports 

Initially, XBOCT put forward his opinion that Dendi had put a blot on his image by assembling and playing for a tier-2 team like B8 Esports.

“Dendi is familiar with the risk he is taking. His unarguably clean reputation has already been damaged and undermined as much as possible. As a captain, he has already changed 700-800 players in his team (B8 Esports). From the results, it is evident that these changes have turned out badly. It is very tough to assemble a roster with players from the tier 2 scene. I will explain this by my example. When I was there, even after Na’Vi, there were some teams like Empire and so on, you look - there seems to be something in this player, but then you understand that he is just..., well...”

“Problems existed even when Dendi was in Na’Vi. He did not understand what he was required to do and I did not know what he had to do as a midlaner. 

You usually do things impromptu; you go and do some things and then understand why you did them or why you did them on your impulse. A player should know what he is currently doing and what are moves he can make in the next one and a half to two minutes. The options you have for these moves are dependent on the things happening on the map. If you get late by even a minute or two, your team’s pace is going to get impacted severely. 

Of course, you can take the game to later stages and hope some enemy heroes get caught off guard and you can kill them but there are fewer people now who commit these mistakes. They understand and are now better in the late game with all the experience gained. To deal with this, a team requires an experienced captain who has dealt with such situations a billion times and knows the solutions to them. Dendi has never been a successful captain."

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 Ex-Na’Vi Carry XBOCT Criticizes Dendi
B8 Esports has found it difficult to even qualify to main tournaments.
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XBOCT has undoubtedly made some bold statements on one of the legends of Dota 2 and that being said, Dendi’s performance in recent years has significantly dipped. After the immensely prosperous years with Na’Vi, Dendi has not been able to relish a similar amount of fame and success. His stint with B8 Esports has not worked out too well. 

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