Rumours: Ninjas In Pyjamas To Sign mudgolems

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  • As per reports from, Ninjas In Pyjamas may be signing the roster of mudgolems.
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas shut down their Dota 2 division on November 30 because of financial struggles posed by the ongoing pandemic and delay in DPC.
  • However, they had communicated that they would return once they found a good opportunity. 33 had already stated that mudgolems was looking for an organization. So, only a rumour as of now, we might see it translate into a solid deal.

One of the most recognizable esports organizations in the world, Ninjas In Pyjamas’ recent departure from the competitive Dota 2 scene seems to be short-lived. As reported by, Ninjas In Pyjamas is looking to sign the mudgolems roster that has been playing together for nearly three months now with an organization.

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Ninjas In Pyjamas Might Make A Return To Competitive Dota 2

Ninjas in Pyjamas, as a famed and iconic organization it is, also succumbed to the financial struggles posed by the ongoing pandemic and the delay of DPC and TI like other smaller organizations. Moreover, their players had also not been able to deliver the best of performances, finding it tough to even make it to the top 3 spots of the tourneys they participated in. The organization had communicated that they need time to rethink their strategies and would be making a return to the pro-Dota 2 scene once they find the right opportunity.

Now, in a possible good piece of news for the fans of the Swedish organization, Ninjas In Pyjamas is looking to make a quick return to the pro scene. As per reports, although a lot of options are available for them, Ninjas In Pyjamas is looking forward to signing the roster of mudgolems. If the two parties to the deal come to an agreement, we may see the boys of Fata and 33 compete under the banner of Ninjas In Pyjamas in the coming time. 

Neta "33" Shapira, one of the most experienced members of the team alongside Fata had recently communicated through a tweet that their roster, mudgolems was looking for an organization and were willing to play in the EU/NA region. 

mudgolems has been relatively successful in the three tournaments they have played, having amassed prze winnings of $57,750.

Rumours: Ninjas In Pyjamas To Sign mudgolems

Currently, they are playing in the EPIC League Division 1 and despite a good enough start to the tourney, mudgolems sit at the lower end of the table with two wins out of seven series. They face their next match against the resurgent Na’Vi today. A win for them will certainly give a much-needed boost to their chances of qualifying for the playoffs. 

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AFK Gaming reached out to NiP for their comments regarding this matter. Jonas Gundersen, Chief Operation Officer, NiP responded with a statement which has been attached below:

"We just released a roster who have been fighting bravely under the NiP banner, and that takes a while to process. But as we mentioned, we are reviewing our DotA2 strategy and obviously there are a lot of different options on the table. We are in no rush to make any decisions but if teams are looking for a home - regardless of region - now would be the time to reach out"


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