NA Streamer Challenges Slacks’ Arkosh Gaming For A Spot At BTS Pro Series S4


NA Streamer Challenges Slacks’ Arkosh Gaming For A Spot At BTS Pro Series S4

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • NA streamer and pubstar, lukiluki, challenged SirActionSlacks' new team of Arkosh Gaming for a spot at BTS Pro Series S4: Americas.
  • lukiluki stated that if his team manages to win the show match against Arkosh Gaming that happens the coming Tuesday, he will take their direct invite spot at BTS Pro Series S4.
  • If lukiluki's team lost, each of his team members would play 10 games of Techies the coming week. Arkosh Gaming accepted the challenge.

North American pubstar, lukiluki, who recently made a stack to compete at DOTA Summit 13: Americas has challenged the new team of SirActionSlacks, Arkosh Gaming. lukiluki has demanded that his team will take the direct invite spot of Arkosh Gaming at the upcoming BTS Pro Series S4 if they manage to defeat Arkosh Gaming at the Sacrificial Cup show match that happens on November 8. 

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Arkosh Gaming To Brawl lukiluki’s Team For A Spot At BTS Pro Series S4

Arkosh Gaming had been set up by SirActionSlacks a month ago to breathe life into the NA Dota 2 scene that has seen a lot of decline due to the ongoing pandemic. The team has been making a lot of rounds since a very hyped and humorous trailer was launched by SirActionSlacks.

The identity behind the five players of the roster has not been revealed with the only thing that is known is their aliases and that they are 8-9k MMR players from Canada. 

The team has initiated a Sacrificial Cup- a type of scrimmage or show match every Tuesday against a random squad in order to attract the audience to NA Dota. Their first matchup was against the TI5 EG squad comprising of ppd, Fear and Aui_2000 and syndereN and streamer Sheepsticked which Arkosh Gaming won comprehensively 2-0. Last Tuesday on November 1, they played against an NA team called Portland Burnsiders which as well they won 2-1. 

Now, as evident from lukiluki’s tweet, Arkosh Gaming was set to face his team “No Pangolier” the coming Tuesday on December 8. However, lukiluki with his tweet had added a lot of spice to this matchup with a lot more now on the stakes. 

BTS Pro Series S4 was recently announced and featured SirActionSlacks’, Arkosh Gaming, as one of the teams that received a direct invite. lukiluki has challenged the NA squad with his stack for this very particular spot at the BTS Pro Series.

The NA streamer commented that Arkosh Gaming had no competitive experience and would get “crushed” at the BTS Pro Series. He further stated that if his team manages to win the matchup at Sacrificial Cup next Tuesday, then they will take up Arkosh Gamings’s spot at the BTS Pro Series. On the contrary, if lukiluki’s team loses, all of his team members will each be playing 10 games of Techies the coming week. 

Arkosh Gaming accepted the challenge stating that he will need to find another pro team so that they could possibly face them in Sacrificial Cup matches. 

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Though lukiluki has thrown down the gauntlet to Arkosh Gaming with a BTS Pro Series S4’s spot on the line, we are yet to see if this tweet talk really translates into reality. It is, indeed, a top tier tournament spot with a handsome amount of money that us at stake. Even if nothing of this sort happens, we are surely ready for a banger of series next Tuesday when the mystery team of Arkosh Gaming takes on lukiluki’s stack, No Pangolier.  

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