Abed and iceiceice Team Up While Fnatic Returns As BTS Pro Series S4 Is Announced


Abed and iceiceice Team Up While Fnatic Returns As BTS Pro Series S4 Is Announced

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • BTS Pro Series 4 to take place from December 8-20 with divisions in SEA, Europe/CIS and Americas and a total prize pool of $125,000.
  • For the SEA division, Fnatic is making a return after three months while Abed and iceiceice have teamed up for temporary stack.
  • SirActionSlacks' new roster of unknown players, Arkosh Gaming, is also set to make its debut in the Americas division.

The Dota community is set for some high octane and top-class Dota 2 action as Beyond the Summit has announced the fourth iteration of the Pro Series. The tournament is going to take place in the regions of EU/CIS, SEA and the Americas with a total prize pool of $125,000. In a piece of overwhelming news for the SEA Dota 2 fans, Fnatic is making a return after three months while a new possible 4Fun stack comprising of Abed and iceiceice is on the menu.

The tournament will take place from December 8-20. 

Fnatic Returns At BTS Pro Series S4: SEA 

The SEA division of the tourney will be featuring the likes of Fnatic, TNC Predator and also possibly a stack named as Team Dog which currently comprises of Abed, iceiceice and inYourdreaM with the names of the remaining two players yet to be revealed.

Six out of a total of eight teams that have been invited to the tournament include:

  1. Fnatic
  2. TNC Predator
  3. Team Dog
  4. Motivate.Trust Gaming
  5. T1
  6. Neon Esports

Arguably with these invited teams, SEA is looking to be the most competitive region. Fnatic with all their experience and a new talented offlaner, Masaros, TNC Predator with their insane team chemistry, Team Dog with all highly skilled individuals, Motivate.Trust Gaming with their stunning form, T1 with a balanced mix of experience and talent under the guidance of coach March and finally Neon Esports with a motivated revamped all Filipino roster. All this certainly boasts of some close and crisp SEA Dota 2 action in this holiday season. 

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The remainder of the two teams will either be invited or join these teams through qualifiers. A total prize pool of $50,000 has been allocated to the SEA division. 

Arkosh Gaming To Debut At BTS Pro Series S4: Americas

For the American region, a total of eight teams will brawl for the lion’s share of $40,000. Six invited teams have been invited to the tourney. 

  1. 4 Zoomers
  2. 4Fun
  3. beastcoast
  4. Thunder Predator
  5. Team Brasil
  6. Arkosh Gaming

A new entrant into this club of American teams is Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner’s new roster, Arkosh Gaming. The roster had been together by the popular Dota 2 host in a bid to keep the Dota 2 competitive scene in NA alive and kicking. The identity of the players has not been revealed with the only info that they belong in the 8-9K MMR bracket. 

Arkosh Gaming will make their tournament debut at BTS Pro Series S4
Image Via Twitter(@ArkoshGaming)
Similarly like SEA, the remainder of the two teams will either be invited or join these teams through qualifiers.

BTS Pro Series S4: Europe/CIS Details

The Europe/CIS division has the lowest prize pool among all three divisions with a total of $35,000. Mostly, tier 2 teams will be competing in this league with the top tier either participating at the recently announced OGA Dota Pit S4 or taking a break in this holiday season. Four out of eight teams have currently been invited.

  1. Vikin.gg
  2. Yellow Submarine
  3. Live To Win
  4. Brame

Vikin.gg and Yellow Submarine will be the two favourites to win this division. The remainder of the four teams will similarly like the other two divisions come in either through qualifiers or get invited. 

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Some holistic Dota 2 action has again been provided by Beyond the Summit. While Europe, the Americas and China are having their fair share of tournaments, SEA has lagged a little behind in this case. With all the top SEA teams now participating in this tournament, some banger of Dota 2 action is promised for the region. We might also witness the much anticipated 7.28 patch drop in the middle of the league which may result in even more exciting and fun Dota 2.

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