RAMZES666 becomes a brand ambassador for Nike


RAMZES666 becomes a brand ambassador for Nike

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  • RAMZES666 enters into a partnership with Nike to become its brand ambassador and will also follow a training program with the company.
  • The player has also unveiled his new personal brand, 666 with the help of Quberton Studio.
  • The logo is a unique modification of the number '666' which indicates the three lanes in Dota 2 and each letter in his name.

While Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev’s new stack seems to be in a spot of bother at the EPIC League as they sit at the bottom spots in the group stage table, the player himself is enjoying success out of the Dota 2 domain. The Russian star has clinched a deal with the renowned sportswear company, Nike, becoming its brand ambassador. The carry player has launched his own new brand named, “666”.

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RAMZES666 Collaborates With Nike

RAMZES666 has entered into a partnership with Nike Training Club that will be focussing on a special training program for him. In addition, as the brand ambassador, the player will also be representing the brand among the masses. 

Winstrike Talent Agency is the organization which represents RAMZES666 in the “advertising market and helps him develop and effectively realize his media potential,” has fetched him this deal. 

“The collaboration between Nike and RAMZES666 is a prime example of the Winstrike Talent Agency's mission," said Lina Komkova, CEO Winstrike Agency. "Esports players are role models for millions of fans around the world. We help them develop their media potential, and brands communicate with a young audience with the voice of new heroes.”

In another impressive feat for the carry player, RAMZES666 has also featured in the Russian men’s GQ magazine where he talked about his journey as an esports player, the effect of the pandemic on esports, and his experience with Evil Geniuses. 

RAMZES666 becomes a brand ambassador for Nike

RAMZES666 also reflected on this relationship with Nike, stating

“For me, Nike has always been the number one brand in the world, and I am very pleased that thanks to Winstrike my personal acquaintance with the company took place. With the backing of Nike, many great athletes like Michael Jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo have achieved incredible heights. This is a new experience for me, and I'm sure it will be interesting.”

This is not the first instance when RAMZES666 has represented Dota 2 by partnering with a popular multinational company. In September 2018, RAMZES666 appeared in advertisements and commercials of the prominent shampoo brand, Head & Shoulders. 

RAMZES666 Launches Personal Brand “666”

RAMZES666 has also just revealed his new brand names as “666.” Quberten Studio has helped RAMZES666 develop the brand and they explained the reason behind it.

The logo contains the numbers, 666, in trident form which represents the three lanes in Dota 2.Further, the sixes are divided into six equal parts representing each of R-A-M-Z-E-S. 

RAMZES666 becomes a brand ambassador for Nike
Image Via Quberton StudioQuberton Studio designed the logo in the Gothic art stating,

“Gothic aesthetics have many transformations so that it stays updated within any era. Even now, young rappers, filmmakers, and sports clubs (for example, Arsenal FC) are turning to her bold and contrasting plastics. The sign is based on the three sixes from Roman’ nickname. A strong, partly sinister energy is transmitted through the Gothic, which is reinterpreted in the spirit of the times through street graphics. At the junction of the two approaches, a sharp and recognizable style emerges. The logo is rich in esports easter eggs. ‘Sixes’ are divided into equal parts and semantically strengthen the connection with the ‘RAMZES666’. The negative space of numbers formed a trident, and its plastic reminds of three lanes in Dota 2.”

Though not revealed, the brand is likely to deal with computer and phone accessories. 

RAMZES666 seems to be the only player enjoying a lot of fame and success outside the space of Dota 2. The Russian has been able to garner a global fan base as a result of these exclusive partnerships. His launch of a new brand will only help the player reach new heights.

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Currently, the player is playing for a new stack- Just Error at their debut tournament, EPIC League. The team is struggling in the tournament as they are placed in the bottom two spots of the group stage table. They will look to give in their best in their last group stage match against OG on December 5 though playoffs chances look bleak for the team. 

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