Ninjas In Pyjamas Shut Down Their Dota 2 Division


Ninjas In Pyjamas Shut Down Their Dota 2 Division

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Ninjas In Pyjamas release their Dota 2 roster because of the financial struggles posed by the ongoing pandemic, delay in DPC and TI and also a tough competition in EU Dota.
  • The players of the squad will keep playing the ongoing EPIC League without the organization and then consider their future options.
  • The organization has also communicated that they will make a return to competitive Dota 2 once they find the right opportunity.

The global health crisis has visibly taken a massive toll on the Dota 2 competitive ecosystem as we witness yet another organization parting ways with its players. This time, a relatively bigger and famed organization of Ninjas In Pyjamas (NiP) has disbanded its roster citing the issues posed by the pandemic, the indefinite delay of DPC and cut-throat competition in EU Dota. 

However, the organization has revealed that it would make a return if it finds the “right opportunity.”

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Ninjas In Pyjamas Releases Its Dota 2 Roster

The Swedish organization announced its departure from the Dota 2 pro scene through a tweet.

In a blog on the organization’s website, COO at Ninjas In Pyjamas, Jonas Gundersen, explained the reasons for the decision. He stated that the indefinite delay of the DPC and TI had led to financial instability for the organization. In such a scenario, Ninjas In Pyjamas was not able to keep up with their expenses.

However, the organization has also communicated that they will not be shutting doors forever in the domain of Dota 2 as they need to “rethink their strategy and regional presence completely.” Ninjas In Pyjamas wants to “rethink the whole infrastructure” around Dota 2 and “re-enter the game at the highest level, once they find the right opportunity.”

Ninjas In Pyjamas has not had the best of results in the online season of competitive Dota 2. They have not been able to secure a single top 3 position in Tier 1 tournaments they have played. Moreover in other tournaments with relatively weaker teams as well, Ninjas In Pyjamas has been unable to secure a single championship title. Their best finishes came at DOTA Summit 13 Online: Europe & CIS and BTS Pro Series Season 3: Europe/CIS where they finished at the third spot. 

Ninjas In Pyjamas’s roster at the time of disbandment.

  1. Charlie “CharlieDota” Arat
  2. Ondřej “Supream^” Štarha
  3. Jonáš “SabeRLight-” Volek
  4. Adrian “Era” Kryeziu
  5. Mikhail “Misha” Agatov (stand-in)

Besides Misha, the rest of the players have been together for nearly a year with Era joining them in April 2020 when they played under the tag of Chicken Fighters. Era has also communicated that the roster will continue to play at the ongoing EPIC League without the organization and after the tourney ends, the team will consider their future options. 

A dismal state of affairs currently surrounding Dota 2 cannot continue for too long as we will only be left with some top tier teams in every region. The disbandment of an iconic team like Ninjas In Pyjamas points out at the severe financial struggles caused by the pandemic and the delay of DPC and TI.

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Valve’s announcement of resuming the DPC on January 18, 2021 seems to be like the only saving grace to keep the competitive ecosystem intact. Once that takes place, we might witness organizations like Ninjas In Pyjamas, Geek Fam, Reality Rift and Geek Fam etc. return to the professional scene.

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