OG Ceb Gets Banned From Twitch


OG Ceb Gets Banned From Twitch

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • OG Ceb's Twitch channel, 7ckngmad, has been banned on Twitch.
  • The reason and duration of the ban is currently unknown though the ban seems to be temporary as Ceb is still a partner with Twitch.
  • Other Dota 2 pros includin N0tail, AdmiralBulldog and Black^ have been banned in the past year for using slurs and playing inappropriate videos.

Two-time TI champion, Sebastian “Ceb” Debs, has been banned from Twitch for unknown reasons. Ceb, who is an occasional streamer, received the first ban on his Twitch channel for unknown reasons as there has not been any official communication from either party.

OG Ceb Receives His First Ban on Twitch

This is the first instance of Ceb receiving a ban on his official Twitch channel, 7ckngMad. The duration of the ban is not known at the moment and it looks like the ban is not permanent as Ceb’s partner status is still active with Twitch.

Image Via Twitter(@CommanderRoot)Users on Reddit and in general are speculating the potential reason behind this ban. A lot of streamers have been issued warnings and also bans in recent times because of the DMCA copyrighted music related matters. It is unclear whether Ceb got banned for this reason.

Ex-CR4ZY player, David "MoonMeander" Tan, also expressed his views regarding Ceb’s ban on Twitch.

This is not the first time that an OG player has been banned from Twitch. In late 2019, N0tail was also banned from the streaming site because he used a homophobic slur on a live stream. The ban was inflicted for seven days. 

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Other Prominent Dota 2 Pros Being Banned From Twitch For Unclear Reasons

 Popular streamer and TI3 winner, Henrik "AdmiralBulldog" Ahnberg, was banned from Twitch in May 2020 because he was watching a video that showed "Bodily Fluids" (videos about removing pimples or cysts). His ban was only imposed for a day. 

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German Dota 2 player, Dominik "Black^" Reitmeier’s Twitch channel was the latest one to be banned in August 2020. Though an official reason was not revealed for this punishment, it was highly attributed to a racial slur that Black^ used on Livestream while playing with SingSing. His ban was inflicted for a couple of days.

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The reasons for banning streamers for racial and other slurs has been subject to a lot of debate. While some believe that the issue is trivial and does not require a ban, others believe that using the slurs is unhealthy and promotes hatred. Also, recent Twitch bans for allegedly ‘copyrighted music has attracted a lot of flak from the community as streamers are finding it extremely hard to find good quality copyright-free music that keeps themselves as well as their audience entertained. 

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