N0tail Wants Current OG Roster To Not Change Until He Retires


N0tail Wants Current OG Roster To Not Change Until He Retires

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • N0tail, in an interview on RuHub, states that he is satisfied with OG's current roster and hopes that it stay together for years to come.
  • He also appreciates his team saying that they have the highest understanding of Dota 2 as compared to anyone in the world.
  • N0tail also mentioned that he missed playing offline events and the wish to win a third and fourth TI is what keeps him motivated.

Captain of OG and two-time TI champion, Johan "N0tail" Sundstein, appeared on an interview with Daniel Offen on RuHub Media’s YouTube handle. In the short interview, N0tail talked mainly about OG’s current performance and state of affairs. He also reflected on what motivates him after winning a couple of TIs and about online and offline Dota 2.

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N0tail Praises Current OG Lineup

In the start, N0tail was asked if OG’s roster was in a settled space since they had to come up with replacements of ana, JerAx in the form of Saksa and MidOne(initially Suma1L) to which he responded,

“Yeah, we are in a settled space. With the pandemic, a lot happened and of course, ever since TI happened, we have done a couple of roster changes. That is all and I hope this roster goes on for years. I always want this for my roster that it lasts for as long as it can and not get broken until I retire, that would make me the happiest. Of course, other people may wanna stop before me but it is nice currently.”

N0tail also further appreciated his team stating,

“I know in this team, everybody has the highest understanding of Dota as compared to anyone in the world. We are the top bunch. What we are doing now is honing our skills and ideas of the game and really pushing things to the limit. Obviously, every team is going to have setbacks and work on the basics, their mindsets. Overall, we are doing very well and I feel we are the best team with our game understanding.”

N0tail Talks About Why He Still Plays Despite Two TI Wins

N0tail also reflected on why he still wants to keep playing more despite winning a couple of TIs,

“A Third and Fourth International Win. I think teams try to deliver their best at World Championships. I think the best Dota in the world is always going to be delivered at TI. That is what I look forward to and that is why I am a part of this. The game has so much to offer and people believe that the meta has been figured out until it is not and TI is the place where it happens all the time. Yeah, that is what keeps me going. After playing for 30-40k hours of Dota, this is what is most exciting.”

OG is the only team in Dota 2 history to win The International two times.
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N0tail, in the end, mentioned his excitement for the new patch as he felt these sorts of changes have kept Dota alive and kicking for the last two decades. 

Oftentimes, players from OG have noted the significance of The International for them, the fact that their main goal is a bigger picture. Also, OG is visibly the only team that still experiments to bring out the unknown like their super effective Bristleback pick in the mid lane in their series versus Secret at EPIC League. 

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Certainly, every Dota 2 fan misses the grandeur and excitement of TI and hopes that things can get better so that we can resume some high octane LAN action. 

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