EG BuLba: SEA Players Are Super Hard Working With Smaller Egos


EG BuLba: SEA Players Are Super Hard Working With Smaller Egos

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • EG's coach, BuLba, states that RAMZES666 was a good fit for their offlane role after TI9 since he makes a lot calls and has high confidence as a core player.
  • He also praised SEA players saying that they are super hardworking with pretty small egos and are highly skilled individuals.
  • EG will return to competitive Dota once the DPC resumes since it is not feasible for them to bring iceiceice and Abed to NA for every online tourney.

EG’s long-serving coach, Kanishka 'Sam' "BuLba" Sosale, appeared on Daniel Offen’s Position 6 Podcast where he talked about a host of things ranging from EG’s offlaners, the team’s current and future state of affairs and his own career as a player and coach. 

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BuLba Talks About Abed and iceiceice’s Importance And EG’s Future Plans

The podcast began with Daniel Offen asked BuLba about EG’s current state of affairs to which BuLba replied,

“We are on a bit of a break currently though we are not fond of it. This year was kind of rough for us because we are so much of an international team. When RAMZES666 was with us, we basically had players from almost every region. It’s been a rough year basically because it is hard to bring Abed over in NA. When the DPC starts, we are gonna bring him along with iceiceice so that we can bootcamp and start playing again.”

Talking about the story behind RAMZES666’s acquisition as an offlane player, BuLba said,

“This was right after TI9 where we lost. I will not go into details of that roster but we were basically looking for a new offlaner. It is a role that I value quite a bit and for our team, I wanted someone who was very energetic, could make calls and had some experience. I was always very impressed with RAMZES. Throughout the years, he was one of my favourite players to watch. He is the kind of core player who makes a lot of calls and has a lot of confidence when he plays. I believe that he was a good option for our team as an offlaner.” 

BuLba further stated that RAMZES666, to everybody’s surprise, immediately accepted the offer of joining EG as an offlaner and was very excited about the same. 

On being asked how iceiceice was scouted by the EG team, BuLba responded, 

“We had team talks. Fly and I talked together about it. We have a few names written down. I think we were definitely looking for someone experienced which Daryl(iceiceice) has. We did not want a player who would not like this particular role. Daryl was definitely at the top of our list. Honestly, in the offlane role, there are not many players out there to play the role. There are a lot more midlaners, a lot more carries but in the offlane there is a lot less. iceiceice was our best fit. He took a bit of time to decide but eventually, he agreed.”

iceiceice made a surprising transition from SEA to NA as he joined EG on November 14.
Image Via EG Twitter

BuLba’s Thoughts on SEA Pro Players

BuLba also put forward his thoughts on the SEA region,

“I personally like my SEA players. After TI7, I realized SEA players are super hard working and they have pretty small egos. They are really damn individually skilled because that is the year I got to play with Dubu and Abed (Digital Chaos Roster of TI7). So, I have been a constant proponent of these SEA players. I think the region has a lot of good players. They just do not have structured leadership or they maybe do not have the knowledge of other regions.” 

He further mentioned Abed's importance for the EG roster. 

“Abed is a great teammate. We are willing to sacrifice on some tournaments this year because we really love playing with Abed. Everyone loves having him on the team. And obviously now, Daryl too.”

BuLba at the end talked about EG’s future prospects,

“We are waiting for the DPC season to be announced because flying out Abed and iceiceice for just an online NA tournament is not feasible. He will have to come here for a tournament and then go back, I guess that is not right. So, we want them to come over when DPC starts. Being in different time zones and regions, it is hard to communicate properly. Fly, Arteezy and me run into each other in pubs. Cr1t- now plays alone while Abed has iceiceice now. We still try to talk here and there, get together online so that we do not feel distant from each other.”

BuLba also provided interesting insights about his own journey as a player and later as a coach. 

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Evil Genuises has not played a single tournament after they played at the OMEGA League where they secured the 5-6th spot. Earlier this month, RAMZES666 was removed from the squad and later replaced by iceiceice who will serve as the offlaner for the team. As mentioned by BuLba, EG is set to make a comeback when DPC restarts on January 18 in the form of regional leagues. 

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