Valve Dev Apologizes After Punishing Player For Dota 2 Disagreement

Valve Dev Apologizes After Punishing Player For Dota 2 Disagreement

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  • A Valve employee named as Sean Vanaman has issued an apology after he deliberately put a teammates in low priority.
  • A user on Reddit had claimed that a Valve employee had unjustly sent him to low priority because they had a potential argument in a game.
  • The thread gained a lot of attention and as a result, Sean Vanaman apologized stating that manually banning players was not the right thing.

The Dota 2 community can pour in so much toxicity at times that it becomes unbearable for some players to handle it. After a potential altercation between two teammates in a recent pub match, one of them got thrown into the low priority queue. The player had alleged in a Reddit post that he was sent into this Low Priority queue by a Valve Dev who was his teammate. 

Now, that particular Valve dev has accepted that the player did not deserve the ban and apologized for the same.

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Valve Employee Apologises For Sending Teammates To Low Priority

A Dota 2 player by the username of u/minijuanjohndoe on Reddit had posted two days ago about an incident in which he was sent to low priority by a Valve employee. In the match, the user had seemingly asked the Valve employee to let go of the mid-tower and then they had a potential fight between them. After the game, he found himself in the low priority despite having a good behavior score and also attached a screenshot of the same. Usually, a player is sent to a low priority queue for excessive reports or a high rate of abandoning. Neither of the two factors was evident from his behavior score and that perplexed him.

Talking about how the player was so sure that he was deliberately sent to the low priority by a Valve employee, he said that the employee after arguing with him said, “Do you know who your talking to bud. Go and check my profile. Im a steam employee." 

Though the thread gained a lot of attention from the Dota 2 community, there was no evidence of the player’s allegations apart from his behavior score. However, yesterday, the Valve employee whose name is Sean Vanaman accepted the fact that he had deliberately sent the player to low priority.

Valve Dev Apologizes After Punishing Player For Dota 2 Disagreement

Vanaman said that objectively banning users in Dota 2 was not a good idea and he had done the wrong thing in his case by manually banning the user. He apologized to his teammate and stated that certain manual bans will not be allowed anymore. 

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Vanaman has been somewhat of a controversial figure as he got highlighted in September 2017 as well when he said that he would be issuing DMCA takedowns on popular YouTuber PewDiePie’s videos. PewDiePie had used a racial slur in one of his streams which prompted Vanaman to take this action. 

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