epileptick1d After Defeating Nigma, “The games turned out to be easy.”

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • epileptick1d after Virtus.pro's crushing victory over Nigma stated that the games were easy through they expected it to be tougher.
  • He also mentioned that Nigma was outdrafted in both the games and they gave his side their comfortable heroes while also picking out of meta heroes for themselves.
  • Virtus.pro now top the group stage table, winning all their 4 series while Nigma stands at the 5th position with a 3-2 record.

The young lads of Virtus.pro are making a name for themselves in the Dota 2 professional scene. Virtus.pro is outplaying one top team after another and have now registered their 4th consecutive win by absolutely smashing Team Nigma the previous night at EPIC League. Carry for the bears of Virtus.pro, Egor "epileptick1d" Grigorenko, appeared in a winners interview after the series and said that the games turned out to be easy though they expected it to be tougher. epileptick1d also mentioned about the draft that Team Nigma had gone for in the second game.

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epileptick1d Talks About Their Dominating Win Over Nigma

epileptick1d, in an interview with the Russian studio RuHub, stated that he expected Nigma to put up a stronger fight,

“The games turned out to be easy. I thought the series would be more difficult. We had a lot of choices for their drafts. Somehow, Nigma did not have very good drafts in both the games. To be honest, in the first game, they had a low chance to win the map. They gave us all our best heroes. We banned the right heroes in the 2nd and 3rd phase of the draft. Everything was under control for us.”

Nigma had resorted to a weird last pick as a Zeus for Miracle- in the second game when they did not have a clear hard carry. A Void Spirit for w33 had already been picked up and with this pick, Nigma had to push w33 to the safe lane which perplexed everybody. epileptick1d also put forward his opinion on the last pick Zeus stating,

“If we talk about Zeus, we also did not understand it as their last pick. In fact, this type of hero pick can not win you a game in this meta at all. I believe they know this. Possibly, they did not find a good hard carry for Miracle- at the 24th pick(last pick) because we had a very good draft.”

Virtus.pro is scheduled to play Vikin.gg next on November 26 and epileptick1d was asked about his views on the series.

“They are playing well currently. We are also in good shape having won against teams like Secret and Liquid. Vikin.gg understands the current meta, has the knowledge of good heroes in each role and in general has good coordination between their players. They play together a lot and understand each other well.”

Virtus.pro is on its way to a top 2 finish in the group stages of EPIC League
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Virtus.pro looked impeccable in their drafting and gameplay in their series versus Nigma. They drafted the heroes they are comfortable with in the first game with Save- on Lina, epileptick1d on Faceless Void, gpk on Invoker, DM on Magnus and illias on Crystal Maiden. Their spellcasting was superb, perhaps the best in the league as Chronos into Rps into Light Strike Arrays felt like Nigma’s heroes were disabled into oblivion. While Nigma took away all Virtus.pro’s signature heroes in the second game, the boys of epileptick1d heavily counter picked their heroes and that resulted in Nigma trying an unconventional all magic damage draft with the Miracle- Zeus. Similarly like the first game, Virtus.pro was on point with their execution as they convincingly won the match and the series 2-0. 

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Nigma, besides this brilliance from epileptick1d and Co., have looked solid in the tournament with a 3-2 win record. They face another resurgent team in the form of Na’Vi on November 27 and will look to get a good win to keep their tempo intact. 

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