Crush OG To Secure Their 4th Victory In A Row At EPIC League

Cover-Credits: Crush OG To Secure Their 4th Victory In A Row At EPIC League

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • secure a dominating 2-0 victory over OG to secure the top spot in the group stages of EPIC League with 4 wins out of 4 series.
  • While Game 1 was an absolute stomp by to end the game in 23 minutes, Game 2 saw a couple of crucial blackhole misses by Ceb which turned around the game in's advantage.
  • OG has now lost 3 out of their 4 series and sit in the bottom 3 position of the table.

It looks like that one of the most promising rosters in Tier 2 EU/CIS Dota 2,, has started to make a name for themselves in the Tier 1 scene as they continue to show top-class Dota 2 at EPIC League. After defeating top dogs of the scene like Secret, Liquid and mudgolems, have now comprehensively defeated two-time TI champions, OG. With this win, secure the top spot in the table, emerging victorious in all their four series.

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Topson had a disastrous Game 1 as he registered a KDA of 1-11-2
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Game 2 looked to be a well-rounded draft from both sides. OG went back to heroes they are comfortable on while pulled an out of meta but the evergreen combo of Io-Gyrocopter. While OG played the early game better this time and also secured a 7k lead at the 24th minute, a chaotic fight around the Roshan Pit proved to be the beginning of OG’s demise despite them claiming the Aegis. Ceb missed a couple of easy Blackholes which proved to be very costly for the TI champions.

The game turned around there and then as Shad grew a beast on the Gyrocopter with an unconventional but extremely effective Abyssal Blade pick. capitalised on OG’s mistakes and ended the game in 33 minutes to secure a 2-0 victory.

Defeating the indomitable-Team Secret, the ESL One Germany Champions-Team Liquid, an up and coming roster-mudgolems and finally the two-time TI champions-OG is not an easy task for even a top tier team. However, it is still early days in the league and if continue to showcase such dominating performances, they will certainly be aiming for the championship title. 

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OG, on the other hand, have just one win out of four series and sit in the bottom parts of the table. Since the last tournament, ESL One Germany 2020, OG has visibly played with various strategies and hero combinations but none of them seemed to have worked. The mojo of the TI champions seems to have lost somewhere but certainly, as mentioned, they are a TI winning group and will surely emerge stronger in the remaining matches.

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