Nigma Demolish Alliance In Under 50 Minutes At EPIC League

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Nigma comprehensively win their series over Alliance 2-0 to enter in the top 4 of the group stage table.
  • Nigma outdrafted and outplayed Alliance in under 50 minutes as Nigma delivered strong performances both individually and as a team.
  • Alliance has now lost all 3 of their initial series while Nigma has won 2 out of 3 series and have looked stronger with KuroKy's return.

The series between Alliance and Nigma at EPIC League witnessed one of the most dominating performances by the latter as they absolutely manhandled Alliance to pick up a quick 2-0 victory. The series did not even last a total of 50 minutes as Nigma outdid their enemies with w33 and Miracle- starring on their signature heroes.

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Nigma w33’s Batrider And Meepo Carries Nigma To A Thumping Victory Over Alliance

Group stages at EPIC League resumed yesterday after a small break with three customary series. The first two series saw reverse sweeps coming in from and against Just Error and mudgolems. Both the winning teams came back stronger to win the next matches easily after the first map loss. The last series of the day was expected to provide some competitive Dota 2 but Nigma outclassed Alliance.

EPIC League Standings after Nigma Vs Alliance
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In Game 1, Alliance’s draft was centred around the mid game as Nigma picked up Anti-Mage for Miracle-. Alliance’s desperation to find and kill enemy heroes to have a tempo advantage backfired heavily as Nigma always responded perfectly with their insane healing lineup to take the team fight victories. Even Miracle- was able to join in most of the team fights and had flawless Battlefury and Manta timings. w33 played amazingly well on his signature Batrider and all in all, a combined team effort from Nigma secured them the victory in Game 1 in 25 minutes.

Game 2 was a replica of the first game as the things started looking dire for the side of Alliance as soon as the laning phase got over. w33, on one of his trademark heroes, Meepo had a free game as other heroes of Nigma ran over Alliance. Another similar playstyle by Nigma involving insane heals from Phoenix, Undying and a Guardian Greaves by MinD_ContRoL’s Batrider ensured Nigma always came on top of team fights. Alliance’s heroes were hunted down right, left and centre and once Meepo got online, the heroes of Alliance were massacred. Another comprehensive performance by Nigma saw them taking the game in 24 minutes to seal the series. 

While w33 and Miracle- were flawless in their performances in the series, the sustain and healing provided by the trio of KuroKy, gh and MinD_ContRoL can, arguably, be attributed as the MVP of both the games. The matchup was expected to be a close one with two experienced sides but Nigma made quick work of the series. Despite the initial loss in the tournament to mudgolems, Nigma has bounced back strongly with wins over strong teams like OG and Alliance. It seems like KuroKy’s return has also brought back with it the team’s solid showings. If they continue to perform like this, a tournament victory after a long time is likely on the cards for the TI7 champions. 

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On the other hand, Alliance has looked quite shaky and lacklustre in their performances in the tournament. Some of their losses can also be attributed to their drafts as they have found it difficult to bring new tactics and strategies. Alliance too is thirsty for a tournament victory as they have not won one in 2020. They have now lost all three of their series and will need to up their performances to stay afloat in the tournament. 

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