Outclass Just Error At The EPIC League

Cover-Credits: Outclass Just Error At The EPIC League

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • defeat Just Error 2-1 in a dominating fashion to win their second consecutive series at EPIC League.
  • While RAMZES666 delivered a strong performance in Game 1 to single handedly win the game for Just Error, showcased utter domination in the next two matches.
  • has looked strong and crisp in their game play, winning both their initial series. Just Error has looked rusty and variable and have just 1 victory out of 4 series.

Group stages of the EPIC League: Division 1 resumed today after a three-day break and we witntssed the prodigies of outplay and outshine a stack of TI and Major Winners. defeated Just Error 2-1 to take their second series of the league. Though Just Error was able to take Game 1, much of it was also in’s advantage and the remaining two games saw complete domination from the squad. 

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Game 1 was a well-rounded draft from both the sides but the laning phase went into’s advantage as they picked up a decent number of kills whilst having enough farm on their cores. SumaiL on his signature Leshrac was hunted down four times in the first 11 minutes pushing Just Error on the backfoot. RAMZES666 on Sven seemed to be their last resort as he was able to farm at a decent pace. Not willing to subdue under the pressure of a rivalry game, RAMZES666 indeed delivered and they pulled back the game massively in their advantage after winning a couple of team fights. Just Error was able to close out the game in 39 minutes to go 1-0 up.

Game 2 was an absolute stomp by as they outplayed their enemies heavily in the laning phase. Just Error could not compete against the tactics and ganks that did and again, all eggs were put into RAMZES666’s basket. They did well to push the game a little longer but that also meant’s heroes also got a lot stronger. Unfortunately for Just Error, had too much damage and sustain this time. ended the game in 36 minutes with a scoreline of 28-5.

Virtus.Pro's cores were unkillable with a combined KDA of 24-0-39 in Game 3.
Image By Adela Sznajder Via Dreamleague

In Game 3, Just Error looked to be out of options for their last pick as most of the carry heroes for RAMZES666 were either picked or banned. They went in with a Drow Ranger which seemingly backfired as RAMZES666 got picked off multiple times during the match. looked the better team on the day as they played magnificently around their stronger team fight draft. They had enough damage, picked up all the right items against a physical damage lineup from Just Error and absolutely crushed them to end Game 3 in 29 minutes and take the series 2-1. has looked dominant in both the series they have played until now. They manhandled OG in the opening series of the tournament and now outclassed a much more experienced and successful stack of players-at least on paper. Their captain Save- spoke in the post-match interview that they have to play 8 pubs in a day as per organization rules which show the hard work these guys are putting in. The young guns of are showing some clean and crisp Dota 2 and it will be interesting to see if they continue to perform like this in their next matches.

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As for Just Error, they still seemingly need to figure out a lot of things, especially their communication which a lot of people have pointed out. SumaiL playing from NA with four Russian players can certainly cause a language barrier. They have now lost three out of their four series in the Group Stages and will need to come back stronger soon before playoff hopes get rougher and harder. 

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