Report: 4AM Abandons Dota 2 Project; Changes Banners & Logo

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • 4AM has abandoned the Elephant.4AM Dota 2 project.
  • Only the organization of Elephant remains behind the roster of fy and Co. now as logos and names have changed.
  • Eurus' transfer fee has allegedly been paid by Elephant now as Vici Gaming claimed this in a twitter post and bid adieu to their former carry.

The partnership between two popular Chinese esports companies- Four Angry Men(4AM) and Elephant Bgoose Culture(Elephant) has had quite a rocky start. Though there was a lot of buzz and excitement regarding the new star-studded team featuring the likes of Fy, Eurus and Somnus, the inner matters of the project were in tatters. 

The issues seem to have remained unresolved and as a result, 4AM have dropped out of this Dota 2 project leaving Elephant as the only organization running the team. 

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4AM Leaves The Dota 2 Project, Roster Renamed To Elephant

Elephant Dota 2 is currently playing in the China Pro Cup S2 and CDA-FDC Professional Championship Season 2. The problems began for the team on November 15 when Vici Gaming alleged that the duo of Elephant and 4AM had failed to pay the required transfer fee for Chinese carry Zhang "Eurus" Chengjun. They further debarred Eurus from competing at the leagues. 

Report: 4AM Abandons Dota 2 Project; Changes Banners & Logo
Eurus was prohibited from participating in matches on November 15
Image Via Epicenter
The initial transfer stages were also riddled with controversy where Sylar was declared as the fifth and carry player for the team instead of rumoured Eurus. Even more surprisingly, Sylar was kicked from the squad the next day only to announce Eurus as the new carry player for the team. This had attracted a lot of flak from the community but the things seemed to have settled down as the players and the organizations put forward their explanatory statements. 

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Now, after Vici Gaming claimed that the transfer fee still remained unpaid, they announced the next day through their Twitter handle that Eurus’ transfer was finally complete and they now bid goodbye to their former carry player. With Elephant.4AM making the final payment, things seemed to be back to normal with Eurus’ return to the team after a day’s absence.

Following this, according to a report by VPEsports, 4AM has rescinded the contract with Elephant and is now out of this partnership. Elephant has reportedly contacted the organizers of CDA-FDC Professional Championship S2 and China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2 for a change in the name and logos of the team as 4AM backed out of their Dota 2 project. 

Although no statement has been issued by either Elephant or 4AM, the team name and logos have already started to change on various websites and media portals. Eurus is back to playing carry for the team along with teammates fy, Maybe, RedPanda and Yang. As mentioned, the team is competing in two tournaments simultaneously and is set to play two matches tomorrow against Invictus Gaming and EHOME respectively. 

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