OG Start Off Their EPIC League Campaign With A Disastrous Loss

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • OG gets convincingly beaten 2-0 by in their opening match at EPIC League.
  • was spot on in their drafting, itemization and teamfight execution while OG looked lackluster in all these aspects.
  • OG's next match is scheduled for tomorrow against Alliance while will take a week off till they play Just Error on November 19.

Another top tier tournament in the EU/CIS region kickstarted today with OG taking on a refurbished squad. made the VP.Prodigy squad its main one just days ago and the prodigies absolutely delivered a dominating performance. They comprehensively defeated OG 2-0 in the opening match of the EPIC League, showcasing what they are capable of.

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OG Gets Convincingly Defeated By

OG looked all out of sorts in both the matches against the CIS squad. They resorted to two different strategies in the two games but none of them seemingly worked for them.

OG Start Off Their EPIC League Campaign With A Disastrous Loss
gpk ended the series with an impressive combined KDA of 16-1-37
Image Via Starladder

Game 1 was a stomp by the pocket dynamites of as they thrashed the two time TI champions. OG, surprisingly, switched their constant fighting playstyle to a farm intensive one as they second picked Alchemist for MidOne and last picked Morphling for Topson. Throughout the game, fought whenever they had their spells up and refused to fight even when OG was taking their towers. never felt desperate with two cores on OG’s side and perfectly paced the game. OG got absolutely outplayed and the game ended in 31 minutes with a scoreline of 21-4 in’s favour. 

Game 2 was even more dominating by as all their players looked extremely synchronized and responded effectively to OG’s aggression. OG went back to their teamfight-heavy draft this time but all of their search for kills proved to be futile as always counter killed them. OG looked quite desperate in the game to build a lead but in the process overextended and got themselves killed.’s teamfight, itemization and execution was spot on as they ended the game in 31 minutes with a favourable scoreline of 38-13.

Similar to their last elimination series against Alliance at ESL One Germany 2020, OG seemed to be experimenting with their drafts as both their games had some unorthodox hero combinations and lack of objective taking., on the other hand, was clinical in their performance and completely manhandled the experienced side of OG.

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OG have their next matchup tomorrow against Alliance while the bears of will have a week off as their next match against Just Error is scheduled for November 19.

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