Just Error Books A Spot In Division 1 Of EPIC League


Just Error Books A Spot In Division 1 Of EPIC League

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Just Error deliver a solid performance in their debut as they beat Yellow Submarine 3-1.
  • With this series win, Just Error book the last spot in Division 1 of EPIC League and will play their first match today against mudgolems.
  • Just Error's squad comprising of SumaiL, RAMZES666, Solo, No[o]ne was officially announced yesterday after weeks of speculations and rumours.

The new Dota 2 super team, Just Error, has started its journey with a banger of a performance as they defeated the in-form team Yellow Submarine 3-1. With this, Just Error has secured the final spot in the main division of the EPIC League where other strong teams like Secret, OG and Nigma are participating. This win marks a strong debut showing by SumaiL and Co. after their roster was officially announced yesterday.

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Just Error Showcase Class In Their Debut

Although the major portion of the series was closely contested with Yellow Submarine never looking out of the game, Just Error managed to squeeze out the crucial moments in their favour which was an epitome of their class and experience. 

SumaiL was the star of the show as he delivered a solid performance in the mid lane.
Image Via Epicenter

Game 1 was a back and forth match as neither team could establish a sizeable networth advantage. Just Error’s major significant teamfight spell-Black Hole was easily countered by Vengeful Spirit’s Swap which deterred them from committing fully to a fight. On the other hand, Yellow Submarine had squishy cores of Drow Ranger and Snapfire which never allowed them as well to fully commit to a teamfight. But Zayac played incredibly well on Clockwerk to cover all countering potential by the supports of Yellow Submarine. As a result, Just Error was able to close out the game in 54 minutes. 

Game 2 was another rollercoaster ride as the networth lead swung up and down. Close fights, buyback plays, crucial pickoffs were all part of this exciting game. All the cores had a decent game and either team looked set to win the game. But Yotaro on Sven grew a little too strong with the support Io constantly backing him with all the heals which helped Yellow Submarine win the game in 56 minutes and tie the series up 1-1.

Game 3 was a stomp by the boys of Just Error as they beautifully translated their early game advantage into objectives and crucial kills. Yellow Submarine managed to kill creeps on their heroes but not heroes as the game ended in 32 minutes with a scoreline of 32-6 in Just Error’s favour.

Game 4 was proving to be another long match with both teams feeling content to farm on their heroes. Just Error had a small gold lead with favourable kill tally in the first 30 minutes of the game which they converted into a sizable lead in the subsequent critical teamfights. Yataro was not able to replicate his performance from Game 2 with an Io backing him up this time as well. RAMZES666 ended the game with a Rampage to win the series 3-1.

Just Error’s squad comprising SumaiL, Solo, No[o]ne, RAMZES666 and Zayac was officially announced yesterday after weeks of rumours and guesses. They have now become the second team after mudgolems to secure a Division 1 spot. SumaiL was impeccable in his performances in the series, especially on Pugna. He always managed to secure an upper hand over the enemy midlaner and kept the tempo going in all the games, signifying why he is hailed as the ‘KING.’ 

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Division 1 of EPIC League begins today with the monkeys of OG taking on the prodigies of Virtus.pro. The last series of the day will feature Just Error playing their first match of the main league against mudgolems. 

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