EPIC League Responds To Criticism on Just Error's Direct Invite


EPIC League Responds To Criticism on Just Error's Direct Invite

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Russian commentator v1lat called out Epic Esports Events for their untimely change in the playoffs format of closed qualifiers.
  • He also highlighed that Yellow Submarine, who have already played 5 bo3 and 1 bo5 now need to play another BO5 to reach Division 1.
  • Epic Esports Events responded, saying that the tournament format was known to teams before the start of the qualifiers.

The rumours surrounding the all-star Just Error lineup of SumaiL, No[o]ne, RAMZES666 and Solo have gained a lot of attention since Dota 2 statistician, Noxville, pointed out the alleged fact that they will be directly competing in a single BO5 for a spot in Division 1 of the EPIC League where all other major teams play. The fact that they would not have to play the qualifiers like the rest of the teams attracted a lot of criticism and flak from Dota 2 personalities and fans.

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EPIC League States the Reason Behind Change In Format Of Closed Qualifiers and The Invite of Just Error

Popular Russian caster, Vitalii Nikolaevich "v1lat" Volochai, called out Epic Esports Events (organizers behind the EPIC League), for the playoffs format of the closed qualifiers. He asked several questions to the organizers, some of which are listed below.

  1. Why did the format of the qualifier change after the start? Doesn't it hinder the integrity of the tournament?

  2. Why didn’t this Grand Final team start from the qualifiers? Why do they have a direct entry to the Grand Finals?

  3. How would Yellow Submarine (example) feel, if they would have to play 5 bo3 and 1 bo5 to get to this match, when they should have already qualified to the main tournament according to the original rules?

  4. How to extinguish the burning butts of English-speaking viewers? Judging by yesterday's battles in social networks, people are very unhappy with the "influence" that the same team received.
V1lat was not happy with Epic Events
Image via Epicenter

However, following these statements V1lat wrote that he would have done the same thing if he found himself in a similar situation. He also added that he found out that the participants of the tournament already knew about this format.

Epic Esports Events, responded to V1lat’s statements on Cybersport.ru. They explained that the format of the closed qualifiers was planned before the start of the tournament and that the teams were aware of the format before the qualifiers kicked off. 

“Since EG refused to participate in the tournament, its slot in the first division was transferred to the Na’Vi, which previously had to play with the second place in the closed qualifiers for the slot, about which all participants were notified before the tournament began. Another team (Just Error) was invited to replace Na’Vi, which had not previously taken part in the closed qualifier.”

The full roster of Just Error was officially revealed earlier today. The squad features some of the biggest Dota 2 names in the western scene.

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Just Error is to make its debut today at the closed qualifiers of the EPIC League. They received a direct invite to the qualifiers. Just Error will be playing against Yellow Submarine in a BO5 for a spot in Division 1 of the tournament where all other major European Dota 2 teams will play.

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