Chris Luck & CCnC Have a Heated Exchange In A Pub Match

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  • CCnC and Chris Luck abuse and curse each other in a public game.
  • The altercation began when a failed attempt by CCnC in the mid lane resulted in Chris Luck tipping him which infuriated the NA player.
  • CCnC will face against Chris Luck in a competitive match on November 20 when their teams compete at the Realms Collide S2.

One of the biggest rivalries in competitive Dota 2 is certainly between the players of North America and South America. Slurs and comments on the other team’s performances have increased over time as many American teams have come up in both the regions in recent times. In a recent pub, a heated exchange of words happened between two midlaners: Chris Luck from Beastcoast and CCnC from Quincy Crew.

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Chris Luck and CCnC Abuse Each Other

Chris Luck and CCnC faced each other in a public game as the former played a mid Monkey King while the latter was on a mid Ember Spirit. Dubu and SumaiL on Chris Luck’s team and Sammyboy on CCnC’s team were the other professional players involved in the team. 

The confrontation started at the 6-minute mark where a failed attempt by CCnC to take down Chris Luck’s Monkey King resulted in Chris Luck tipping him. Chris Luck had managed to ramp up his Jingu stacks to kill CCnC’s Ember Spirit. 

As CCnC respawned, he was visibly furious as he all chatted, “Hope you lose brown (Chris Luck).” Chris Luck responded, “STFU, Why you talk,” as both the players fought another 1v1 battle in the midlane. Once more, Chris Luck outplayed CCnC as he dodged an attack with Mischief and then turned back with a Boundless Strike with all the Jingu stacks. He was on the verge of dying but this magnificent play resulted in him killing CCnC. 

Chris Luck & CCnC Have a Heated Exchange In A Pub Match
CCNC seemed tilted after Chris Luck's All Chat messages.
Image via Epicenter

He then wrote, “Why you talk all FUCKING TIME? Tard (Retard)” CCnC replied that he was talking because Chris Luck tipped him. Chris Luck further said that he tipped CCnC because he was “shit” to which CCnC replied, “You are rank 100 in NA. Your team has not won a single tournament. Not one. We have won 8 in a row. Meet me in the finals(of DOTA Summit 13). You trashcan. I‘ll crush you like a bug.” 

Chris Luck responded, “Hahaha, man, that ego will kill you.” CCnC was furious as he wrote, “You are the one to talk about ego? One thing is sure that you are psycho with 37 IQ points. Stop tipping me and I won’t flame you. You subhuman.”

Chris Luck seemed to be enjoying CCnC’s rage as he made him more furious by writing, “Hahah. You need friends bro. Maybe you need attention. You are a retard.” 

The heated exchange kept going for the rest of the match as Chris Luck tipped him once more after killing him. He kept writing ‘Hahaha’ whenever he or his team killed CCnC. Both the players kept hurling abuses and cursing each other with CCnC doing the majority of it. Chris Luck’s team managed to win the match. 

This war of words happened before the grand finals of DOTA Summit 13 which Quincy Crew lost to end their 8 tournament winning streak. So, the arguments that CCnC made regarding this streak, unfortunately, no longer hold valid as they lost the tourney. 

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CCnC will look to take his revenge from Chris Luck at Realms Collide: The Burning Darkness as Beastcoast will face Quincy Crew on November 20.

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