Team Vietnam Wins IeSF World Championship 2020: SEA Finals


Team Vietnam Wins IeSF World Championship 2020: SEA Finals

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  • Team Vietnam reign supreme over the SEA region to win IeSF World Championship 2020 SEA finals and secure a spot in the global finals.
  • IeSF World Championship is one of the few tournaments where players represent their countries. The current edition is scheduled from December 6-12 at Eilat, Israel.
  • The regional finals for the South Asian region featuring India, Sri Lanka and Nepal will be held on November 19 and one team will move to the finals in Israel.

One of the few international esports events where players represent countries rather than a region, the Esports World Championship provides a great platform where Dota 2 teams battle it out for national pride. The 12th IeSF World Championship is currently ongoing, where nations from regions are brawling for a spot in the global finals. In the SEA region, the team from Vietnam has grabbed a spot in the global finals by defeating team Myanmar in the grand finals of the IeSF World Championship 2020: SEA Finals.

Team Vietnam To Represent SEA At The International Stage 

Team Vietnam which comprises four players from the current squad of 496 Gaming has comprehensively defeated Team Myanmar in the grand finals of the SEA region. With this, Vietnam grab a spot in global finals where they will represent the Southeast Asian region. 

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Team Vietnam had a dominating performance in the group stages where they won three out of their four series. They then faced Team Myanmar in the grand finals who also had a 3-1 record in the group stage.

The BO3 grand finals was a stomp as team Vietnam outclassed the team from Myanmar 2-0. In both the games, the Vietnamese squad was on point with their drafting and implementation as they ran over Team Myanmar. While the first game ended in 35 minutes, the second game was an even shorter one as Team Vietnam manhandled Team Myanmar to take up the series victory and a spot in the global finals. 

IeSF World Championship 2020 Details

The IeSF World Championship 2020 is the 12th iteration of the global league and its finals are scheduled to be held from December 6-12 2020 in a LAN setting at Eilat, Israel. Dota 2 is one of the numbers of games that the esports championship boasts of. 

The tournament begins with a Nationals stage wherein local teams from a country compete for a single spot in the regionals where they represent their country.  The current edition of the event is divided into eight major regions which are-

  • Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • CIS
  • South America
  • North & Central America
  • South Africa

As for the current year, the details regarding the prize pool have not been announced. The winner of the last year was Sweden who took the lion’s share of the total prize pool of ₩13,750,000 KRW (≃$11,738 USD). The team of Sweden included all popular Dota 2 players- Charlie, S4, Chessie, EGM and Xibbe. 

IeSF South Asian Qualifiers To Kick Off Next Week

In The South Asia region, three countries are competing which are India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. All the three contingents will fight for a global spot as the regionals are scheduled for November 19. 

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Team Randoms is expected to represent India after they won the Indian qualifiers of the tournament.

Team Randoms’ Roster:

  1. Omkar “Pasoll” Urunkar
  2. Amit “Zapheto” Malwal
  3. Akshay “ZxC” Dhodi
  4. Omkar “DarkX” Gharat
  5. Shahbaz “Pinkman” Hussain

The IeSF World Championship certainly provides a massive platform for esports and the proud and patriotic spirit that comes with representing your nation leads to high quality and intense gaming action. 

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