TNC Predator Beats Neon Esports To Survive Elimination At DOTA Summit 13

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  • TNC Predator convincingly win their lower bracket match against Neon Esports to move ahead at DOTA Summit 13.
  • Gabbi in the first game while Armel in the second game played extraordinary well on Phantom Assassin and Ember Spirit respectively.
  • Neon Esports get eliminated while TNC Predator will face their next lower bracket match against the winner of Adroit Esports Vs BOOM Esports.

After TNC Predator was beaten in a gruelling contest against Among Us in the first round of the upper bracket at DOTA Summit 13, they faced an elimination match today against Neon Esports. TNC looked all set for this match as they outclassed Neon Esports 2-0 with Armel and Gabbi starring the show. 

TNC Predator Beats Neon Esports To Survive Elimination At DOTA Summit 13

TNC Moves Ahead In the Playoffs Of DOTA Summit 13:SEA

TNC Predator had performed decently in the group stages of the tournament and so were placed at the second position in the table. The upper bracket match was always going to be a competitive one against one of the top four teams in the league. Among Us barely managed to secure the series win while TNC were thrown into the lower brackets where they faced Neon Esports.

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In Game 1, it was the Gabbi show as he delivered an impeccable performance on Phantom Assassin. The net worth lead never really got huge for TNC with skem for Neon Esports also farming extremely well on an empowered Lifestealer. But there was always a looming threat of one of the most dreaded late-game carries in Dota 2-Phantom Assassin. Gabbi was so confident, despite being easily able to kill enemy heroes that he also picked up a Divine Rapier. skem relented and fought back hard but TNC was the better team as the game ended in 50 minutes.

Game 2 was an absolute stomp by TNC Predator as they wreaked havoc on the heroes of Neon Esports. After winning the laning phase and picking up their initial items, TNC accelerated their advantage further by constantly hunting down Neon’s heroes. Neon was never ready to fight as skem required time to grab a lot of items on an empowered Phantom Assassin.  

TNC Predator Beats Neon Esports To Survive Elimination At DOTA Summit 13
Armel was immaculate on Ember Spirit as he ended the game 2 with a KDA of 15-0-8.
Image Via Epicenter

With the scoreline of 28-4 in favour of TNC in, they finished the game 2 in just 27 minutes and took the series 2-0.

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This comprehensive win will certainly boost TNC’s confidence after losing a very close match against Among Us. They keep their hopes alive in the tournament and will face the winner of Adroit Esports Vs BOOM Esports in the next round of lower brackets.

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