Solo Issues A Statement After Leaving Virtus.Pro


Solo Issues A Statement After Leaving Virtus.Pro

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Solo issues a statement on leaving the organization after the roster got disbanded yesterday.
  • Solo, in his statement, thanked all the people that had been involved with him in his 4 year long journey with VP.
  • At the end, he also stated, "Wait for news;)" which possibly indicates at a new roster reveal by the veteran.

Solo and No[o]ne who are some of the most successful players not only in CIS but also in global Dota 2, left the organization yesterday. Though’s disband was being speculated for long now, the move has still left most of their fans overwhelmed with emotions. Solo has released an official statement regarding his departure on the Russian social media website VKontakte.

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Solo’s Statement on Leaving

Solo has been with the organization of as their captain since 2016  and has had quite a bit of success with the team. Solo with No[o]ne won multiple Majors, had three ESL titles under their belt and put up some impressive performances at The International.

Solo thanked everybody with whom he had been involved with the organization. He extended his gratitude towards Anton “Sneg1” Cherepennikov, the former owner of the organization and the general manager Roman “dvoryrom” Dvoryankin. 

“Hello everyone, gentlemen! Obviously, the time of playing with has come to an end. Regarding this, I would like to extend my gratitude to the organization and to everyone who has cared and thought about us in this 4-year long journey. I am extremely grateful to Anton Cherepennikov (VP.Sneg) for believing in me and giving us an opportunity to put together a squad in August 2016. We were lucky to assemble for the organization at that time. Roman Dvoryankin’s contribution has been very significant in the success of the organization, Roma-thank you for everything. I want to thank all my teammates with whom I played and had a great time under the tag. Thank all of fans for their support, we really loved it! I wish all the best to the new line-up and the organization.

Wait for news;).”

Virtus.Pro has had mixed results with this roster, winning the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Online: Europe & CIS tournament whilst also securing a few decent results in other tournaments.

Solo departs from Virtus.Pro after spending 4+ years in the team
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Their youth organization of VP.Prodigy has also been surpassing expectations, considering their lack of experience. The fact that tournament organizers restrict multiple teams under the same org from competing in a tournament hampered the interests of the Virtus.Pro organization. As a result, the main roster of had gone inactive before the start of ESL One Germany 2020, and eventually disbanded.

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Solo has also hinted at his new venture with a closing line and a wink emoticon. A new star-studded team is reportedly around the horizon for the CIS brothers of Solo and No[o]ne with their ex-VP mate Ramzes666 and NA superstar SumaiL.

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